How to Look Good on a Video Call

How to Look Good on a Video Call

Nowadays communicating by video calls is becoming an easy and fast way to stay in touch for business and personal reasons. It is amazing that we can so easily communicate with people, even if they are half-way across the world. At Nakin Skincare we have outlined some easy ways to make those video calls as successful as possible by creating the right look. These apply for every video call all the way from board meetings to personal parties.

Most of us will have been on a video and caught glimpses of ourselves and not always been happy about what we see. We tend to see ourselves everyday in our usual mirror which might be in our bedroom, with favourable lighting and seating that might make us feel confident about the way we look. However, on a video call it can catch us totally off guard when we see ourselves in different angles and lighting.

Looking good on a video call requires a blend of good lighting, camera positioning, and personal presentation. Position your camera at eye level to create a natural, direct line of sight with your viewers, which fosters a more engaging interaction. Ensure your room is well-lit, preferably with natural light facing you, to avoid harsh shadows and illuminate your features evenly. Additionally, choose a simple, non-distracting background and wear solid, neutral colours to maintain focus on you rather than your surroundings. Lastly, maintain good posture and test your setup before the call to ensure you are presenting your best self.

Tip 1 – Set-up the Best Lighting and Angle for Video Filming

The right lighting and angle for a photo and video can make a huge difference to shots and it is easy to set the right lighting and angle for a flattering look. So, this is the first tip and it is with natural daylight being best, as well as having the camera slightly looking down on you. It is good to have the light shining onto your face, so position the camera/ phone with daylight behind it and the sunlight will give you a gorgeous glow. If it is night-time, then try to avoid overhead lights and spotlights, as they give off an unflattering type of light. Equally up lighting onto the face is not a good look. The position of the camera/ phone can also make a huge difference. We tend to always look better when the camera is facing us or looking slightly down on us, with the phone a bit higher than our face. So, to look your best on a video call prop and elevate the camera up higher than the face. You do not need to have a professional tripod; a table and some books can work just as well.

Tip 2 – Get Your Skin and Hair Camera Ready

If you want to make a good impression on a video call then spending some time preparing your skin, make-up and hair will make you feel and look good. We always feel more confident when our skin and hair are looking fab. Having a good skincare routine will mean that you are always camera ready. For a daily morning and evening routine begin by using our Advanced Cleansing Milk or Rejuvenating Face Wash to gently cleanse skin and follow with our Purifying Face Toner . Then apply our Performance Face Serum for skin issues such as lines and sun damage. After serum apply the Revitalising Face Oil to calm and comfort skin. For eyes apply our Eye Cream Complex to improve dark circles, lines and puffiness. Then follow with one of our face creams. Our Matt Formula Face Cream is more for oilier skin and the Active Dew Face Cream is more suited to drier skin. Finish with our Lip Treatment Balm which is super nourishing for even dry lips. Lipstick can be applied on top of our lip balm to add a pop of colour, that will instantly brighten any look. Make-up tends not to show as much on camera; so, it is a good idea to apply the basics of some coverage, blusher and mascara. If hair is messy then this will show on camera so style it as normal, or for a fast solution put it into a ponytail or bun.

Tip 3 – Create a Nice Background Scene for the Video Call

Having a cluttered scene in your video call is a big no no. So, have a clear-up and consider putting some nice decorative props in the background like plants, vases and cushions. If that is not possible then some video apps actually have ready-made backgrounds of monuments or nature scenes that you can use instead. You can also upload your own image to make it more personal. The background scene that you create will depend on the type of video call that you are having. Keep it more neutral for business conference calls, and more fun for personal calls.

Tip 4 – Wear the Right Clothes on Calls

It is worth making an effort with our clothes on a video call, even if we feel like wearing our comfy tracksuit. When we have nice clothes on, we always feel better about ourselves and it makes a good impression on others. If you are short on time, then opt for waist up dressing where you can keep your slippers on! Pick clothes that suit the call and adapt them accordingly. As a general rule when it comes to clothing, avoid patterns and stripes. Instead choose solid and even bold colours. Colour therapy is so important, and it can be really uplifting to your mood. Charity t-shirts can make a nice talking point for more informal video calls, and sparkles and sequins are nice for evening get together with friends.

Tip 5 – Put on the Right Accessories

Accessories can be a nice addition to your look, although it will depend on how formal the video call is. Add some sparkle or colour with earrings, necklaces and hair clips. For business calls keep them smaller and minimal but ramp them up for personal video calls and events. Accessories can be a nice addition to your look, although it will depend on how formal the video call is. Add some sparkle or colour with earrings, necklaces and hair clips. For business calls keep them smaller and minimal but ramp them up for personal video calls and events.

Tip 6 – Be Prepared

One of the easiest ways to look good for a video call is to be prepared. Get up in time, and be ready with clothes that you love and prepare your skin and hair how you like to. Be early and ready for the actual meeting. Being prepared for a meeting significantly boosts our confidence by ensuring that we understand the topics at hand, have formulated thoughtful insights or questions, and are ready to engage constructively with others. This preparation not only demonstrates professionalism but also allows us to contribute meaningfully to the discussion, reducing anxiety and fostering an environment where ideas can flourish. Being prepared, feeling good and confident will significantly help you to look good on the video call and any meeting.

We hope that you found our tips on how to look good on a video call useful. To find out more about our award-winning natural anti-ageing skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Nakin offer a full range of face care that is enhancing and kind to all skin types. The full range is made in the UK and cruelty free.

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