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Vegan Skincare

Our Vegan Skincare Range

We believe that skincare products for vegans shouldn’t be like trying to find a needle in a haystack or having to alter your daily skincare routine dramatically. Vegan beauty products should be convenient for anyone to have.  

Nakin has several vegan skincare products that are free from undesirable synthetic ingredients. 

It is important to know that we use natural anti-ageing methods where possible, with a focus on natural skincare combined with a healthy vegan lifestyle.  

How is Nakin a vegan beauty company?

We have a distinct number of products available that are 100% vegan. Not everything on site sadly is vegan, but we are trying to make the Nakin high-performance range as clear as possible for all customers.  

What areas does Nakin Provide Vegan Beauty Products for? 

We have vegan beauty products for: 

  • Facial moisturisers 
  • Facial cleansers 
  • Makeup removal 
  • Personal Care 
  • Daily skincare routine 

Our range is created to help with every aspect of your skin care. 

What Ingredients do Nakin Skincare Products Contain?  

Where our ingredients come from and how they’ve been tested is extremely important to us. We aim to be as clear as possible and list all the ingredients put into every product to give customers as much clarity as possible. 

If there are any questions about our ingredients, we’re more than happy to answer them. 

Does Nakin have Vegan Moisturiser?

Yes. Some of the face moisturisers we have are completely vegan. 

They include: 

Does Nakin have Vegan Lip Balm? 

Currently, our lip balm is only vegetarian. You can view a full list of ingredients we use for the balm here. 

Does Nakin have Vegan Skincare Gift Sets? 

While our Skin Revive Gift Set is vegetarian, the Glow Gift Set is completely vegan. It has full-sized bottles of our Natural Advanced Cleansing Milk and Natural Revitalising Face Oil.  

How do I know if I’m Buying a Vegan Product? 

Check if the product is certified and the company certifying is legitimate.  

You’ll see on our site in the description whether or not a product is vegan.  

If you would like any specific vegan-related information about a product, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help out. 

Is Vegan Skincare Expensive?

It can be, but we want to make our products as accessible as possible. That means we don’t want to charge customers a premium simply because they’re looking for a vegan skincare product.   

Are Nakin Products Cruelty Free?  

Yes. While we can’t provide vegan products across our entire range just yet, everything we sell is cruelty-free, especially when it comes to how ingredients are tested. You can find out more information here.