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100% Natural Lip Balm Products

Treat your lips to some well-deserved care with our 100% natural ingredient anti-ageing lip balm. Made with specially blended plant oils and butters, our natural lip balm works wonders for dry, chapped and sensitive lips. It soothes and plumps while providing long-lasting hydration and care.

Each ingredient in our natural lip care products plays a role in nourishing your skin and the thin and susceptible layers of your lips. Full of wonderful natural active ingredients, our award-winning Natural Anti-Ageing Lip Treatment Balm is the perfect addition to your morning and evening skincare routine, and can be used throughout the day as required.

The Best Lip Care Products Need the Best Natural Ingredients

The Natural Anti-Ageing Lip Treatment Balm has a silky smooth texture, infused with natural plant oils and butters that soothe and plump, making it easy to apply.

The lips are a very delicate part of the face, and the structures can be vulnerable to damage in everyday life and climates, so with each ingredient in our best lip care products, we’ve combined the best natural skincare components designed to heal, hydrate, protect, and nourish.

One of the special ingredients in our natural lip balm products is baobab oil, which delivers hydration and environmental protection. There is also argan kernel oil for its amazing ability to restore lips. Then for an added natural, fresh scent, we incorporated mint extract to help stimulate circulation under the skin. We also use shea butter for softness and healing, so our anti-ageing lip products will ensure your lips remain conditioned and protected from the effects of everyday life.

Award Winning Skincare Products

To complement our natural lip care products, we recommend using our Performance Face Serum and Advanced Cleansing Milk. Our anti-ageing cleansing milk ensures that dirt build up and grime is removed from the skin to leave your face feeling soothed and replenished, ready to absorb our anti-ageing performance face serum to leave skin feeling plumped and replenished, with a lasting healthy glow.

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