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Alternative To Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Alternative To Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

At Nakin we are dedicated to producing high performance natural anti-ageing skincare. Nakin is a fairly new brand compared to some and one of the skincare collections that we hear a lot about from customers is Elemis. This is because our customers have switched over to Nakin. We share many of the properties of Elemis Skincare, such as being a British range and producing high performance skincare. Lots of customers now use Nakin though, as it is a more natural and affordable option to Elemis.

One of Elemis’ best known popular products is their Marine Pro-Collagen Cream and it has been around for a couple of decades. Customers love it for its lightweight gel like formula that provides excellent hydration. It has high ratings on reviews; however, it costs an eye watering £95 for 50ml, whereas Nakin’s face creams are £22 for 50ml. This is one of the reasons that customers are switching to Nakin's Products. as we use similar high performing modern plant extracts in our face creams, but in a more natural formulation which customers love. The product that customers have mostly been using instead of the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is our Nakin Active Dew Face Cream. This is for drier skin types, for oilier skin types we have the Nakin Matt Formula Face Cream.

We have a very strict ingredients policy at Nakin and so would never use ingredients like Dimethicone and Disodium EDTA in our products, as they have some controversy around them and are also not necessary, and we believe that natural ingredients do a better job. Dimethicone is a silicone which makes skin feel soft and smooth, however, it has no real benefits to skin. This is the same as fragrance and is why we only use a mild completely natural scent in our face creams. Instead of fragrance and silicones, we prefer to fill our products with more plant ingredients that actually rejuvenate skin, and our moisturisers are nearly 99% natural. As we never use synthetic moisturising agents like silicones our products will feel different to the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, as they do not have that cocooning silky soft layer that silicones provide. Instead the natural actives and extracts sink into the skin cells for long lasting hydration.

The Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream uses a signature marine algae complex in a rainbow of seedlings that are said to leave skin supremely moisturised. It is for all skin types and great for use under make-up. At Nakin we have two award-winning five star rated face creams that customers find achieve the same results in a more natural formula, and for a fraction of the price.

Our face creams are split into two skin types, as oily and dry skin have different needs. They benefit from a more unique formula and consistency when it comes to the amount and type of moisture that skin receives. We have two face creams to choose from and our Natural Anti-Ageing Matt Cream is designed for oily, combination, normal and sensitive skin. It offers superb long-lasting hydration for skin, but without a dewy finish. For those with thirstier skin types the Natural Anti-Ageing Dew Cream has more of a hydrated finish, which those with drier skin types love. Both can be used day and night, whereas the pro-collagen cream is designed just for morning use.

Our face creams are filled with some of the best plant actives like plumping hyaluronic acid, antioxidant pomegranate and line easing cassia, plus a multitude of other beautiful natural oils like argan and jojoba oil. They contain the best nourishment, moisture and protection for the face and neck.

Our moisturisers are luxurious creams with amazing natural anti-ageing results. They should be used after cleansing, serums and oils and make a great base for make-up. Apply in sweeping upward motions to the face neck and decolletage.

Nakin have a full range of face care and our award-winning range includes some of the best skincare available. To find out more about us visit the links below.

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