Why We Love Cleansing Milks

Why We Love Cleansing Milks

Cleansing Milks are very special products in our eyes, but they sometimes get forgotten about in todays more complex beauty routines. So, we thought we would share the many reasons why we love them.

Cleansing is one of the essential parts of every skin care routine and always will be, plus creamy oil-based cleansers are ones that we absolutely love. They work for all skin types be it oily, combination, normal, dry and sensitive skin and one of the reasons that we love cleansing milks is because they are so gentle and hydrating to skin. Good ones like our Advanced Cleansing Milk help to strengthen the skin barrier and leave skin clear, happy and glowing.

We love oil based cleansers like our natural cleansing milk as they are great to draw impurities out of the skin and can be used to take off makeup, daily grime and sunscreen in one step. They also have a sumptuous luxurious texture which is hydrating and non-stripping, to leave skin balanced but still clean. Cleansing milks can then be followed with a toner such as our Purifying Face Toner for an extra deep cleanse and freshen.

Every cleansing milk is of course a completely different formula, so care is needed when purchasing one to ensure that it is natural and does not contain ingredients to compromise the skin barrier and leave it feeling tight. If it is a natural formula that is non-foaming, then it should minimise that dry feeling and redness.

At Nakin we produce high performance natural anti-ageing skincare products and we recommend trying our anti-ageing cleansing milk which is a silky milky cleanser that is full of gorgeous botanical actives. You might think why use actives in a cleansing milk, but we suggest getting actives to skin in every step that you can. It contains oils and aloe as key ingredients, plus is hydrating due to the hyaluronic acid. It is wonderfully softening to the skin as the formula is packed with natural cleansing goodness. Although it is rich in nutrients the formula is never greasy on skin. One of the benefits to the face and neck is that it has a minimal natural fragrance, just enough to add to the experience, but never overpowering or irritating.

Our cleansing milk is like a hug for skin and makes it feel good, as when using it the luxurious silky feel cares for the face and neck beautifully, while cleansing it at the same. It is free from irritating AHAs and fruit enzymes but is antioxidant rich and helps to brighten skin. Use it in morning and evening for all year-round reliable face cleansing. You will also love that it is cruelty free and vegan.

Our cleanser goes all over the skin so beautifully, and is kind to even dehydrated and irritated skin. Remove it any way you love to, with cotton wool, a cloth or when bathing. It is a favourite with many customers and is five-star rated, with many industry awards as testimony to how good it is.

Take a look online to find out more about Nakin and our stunning face products.

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