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Meet Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing

Meet Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing

Nakin is an exciting British brand that produce high performance natural anti-ageing face products. We are the next generation of natural skincare that use the best clean active ingredients available and only specialise in anti-ageing products. Developing anti-ageing skincare gives Nakin a deep insight into this area of dermal science, with effective products from advanced natural formulations.

Nakin is committed to creating a range of skincare products that are effective, natural and free from harsh chemicals. We believe in the power of nature to heal and protect our skin, while avoiding ingredients that could be potentially damaging. Our promise is to create gentle, nourishing products that don’t compromise on natural efficacy or results.

We understand that everyone’s skin is different and it can be tricky to find the right products for you. That’s why, as well as keeping all our ingredients carefully vetted, we also combine them together in the most effective way. Our multi-functional products meet a large range of skin care needs. We believe in the power of good products, so that you can get the best possible results from using our products.

We are passionate about making sure that all of our ingredients are sustainably sourced and cruelty-free, with each product reflecting the same core values. We strive to create a wide range of natural skincare products that will suit every skin type and address every skin concern in an effective yet gentle way.

At Nakin, we believe that everyone should have access to natural skincare products that are non-toxic and highly effective. We work hard to provide natural alternatives to conventional beauty products, so that you can nourish your skin without worrying about what’s in it. Our mission is to help you look and feel your best with the peace of mind that comes from using naturally derived ingredients.

Nakin was born in London and founded by Cris Beetham, one of the natural skincare pioneers from the noughties.

"Nakin was born because I wanted modern, clean, natural anti-ageing products that work, that you can't put down, that you look forward to using and you want to share with everyone."

Cris started looking into anti-ageing products in her thirties "My skin just did not look as good as it had. I began noticing an uneven complexion, fine lines, age spots, sun damage and dark circles. Then as time time moved on in my forties it progressed to the start of discolouration, dullness, loss of vitality, dehydration and creasing. I wanted my skin to look as good as it could but without going down the botox, peel or filler route. I dislike harsh and toxic chemicals, so the thought of unnatural face treatments is not an option for me. I spent a long time researching the market and found lots of nice natural skincare products, but nothing that excited me. I wanted something more than ingredients like Rose and Lavender. It was frustrating that the natural anti-ageing product available tended to have limited active ingredients, sometimes only one per product. I know from my many years formulating skincare that skin needs a combination of powerful active ingredient to really achieve worthwhile results. I wanted to use anti-ageing products that were natural but also able to help transform my skin, so that's how Nakin started."

The range is Made in England and cruelty free. It has been developed with powerful natural anti-agers such as Hibiscus to work as a natural line eraser and Pomegranate to build Collagen. Seaweed Extract has all round skin beautifying ability and Hyaluronic Acid is used for its superb plumping and hydrating benefits. Take a look at our full natural anti-ageing skincare collection to cleanse, hydrate and thoroughly nourish skin to smooth away signs of ageing. The Nakin natural skincare range has all the age defying face care essentials required to condition and reclaim life to skin. Start with the Advanced Cleansing Milk a classic product that cleanses and soothes without the dryness. Follow with our Purifying Face Toner to double cleanse and remove the last traces of cleanser and fully detox skin. The full facial routine would start with cleansing and toning, then serum and oil application with the eye cream, moisturiser and lip balm.

Anti-Ageing Face Oil

The Performance Face Serum used after cleansing reaches the deep skin tissue to assist skin recovery. The Revitalising Face Oil  is particularly beneficial for dehydrated skin and can be used after the face serum. Perfect at any time on sensitive skin or dry patches, for facial massage, and to bring a delicate sheen to parts of the skin like cheekbones. An essential product for every natural skincare regime is our Eye Cream Complex to revive the look of eyes. The eyes are our most noticeable feature so treating skin surrounding the them is important to maintain soft and youthful eyes. The Matt Formula Face Cream and Active Dew Face Cream are designed for use every morning and evening on the face, neck and decollatage. The final step to close our anti-ageing daily facial is to swish the Lip Treatment Balm onto lips. This long lasting balm deeply conditions for soft plump lips and can be re-applied as required.

There are no rules on using Nakin products and everyone has their own unique routine. Some people prefer not to use a night cream and find the serum or oil are enough for night time use. It depends how much time is available, the time of year and the condition of skin. It's important to remember that our face cream does not contain spf. Nakin believe that sun cream is essential from well documented scientific evidence that sun exposure leads to early onset skin ageing. That said we do not believe in wearing sun screen unless we will actually be exposed to UVA and UVB light, so as not to overload skin with unnecessary product. Using sunscreen in your moisturiser is only really a benefit if you are going out shortly afterwards, otherwise it is better to apply a sunscreen directly before sun exposure. 

Nakin UK Skincare

Nakin cruelty free skincare

Nakin has been designed with modern lifestyles in mind and Cris notes "My lifestyle does not allow for beauty salon facials or regular juicing, carefully planned meals or a personal trainer. In the real world we work long ours, have families to look after and don't get nearly as much sleep as we need. Nakin works with our real modern schedules to purify, calm and enhance skin." At Nakin we believe that we have to be real about ageing and enjoy it and all that comes with it. It is not realistic to look like a magazine covershoot because in the real world there are not top make-up and hair artists to beautify us to perfection, along with seriously beautiful designer clothes plus studio lighting and airbrushing that make anyone look like a dream. Following a good natural skincare is simple and achievable for everyone, with significant results. Nakin anti-ageing products work in harmony with skin and integrate with most skincare ranges, as well as cosmetic treatments and produces.

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