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The Best Moisturisers for Combination Skin

The Best Moisturisers for Combination Skin

Combination skin is where the t-zone of the face is oily, but the cheek area is normal, or even dry. The t-zone is the forehead area and the middle area of the face, including the nose and chin. Within the combination skin bracket can be all sorts of variations, and it also varies in the different seasons. Usually the t-zone area will be noticeably oilier and be subject to blackheads and spots, with the drier areas of the face less susceptible to breakouts. However, there can be oily patches in other areas of the face, such as near the ears. Plus likewise, there can be dry patches on the face too.

So, if you have combination skin, it is important to use a moisturiser that works with this mixed skin type and helps to balance the skin out. There has been a trend towards oil-free and gel moisturisers. However, this is not essential as oils and creams can be amazing for combination skin and help to balance it out. The important thing is to use the best skincare products.

At Nakin we produce award-winning natural anti-ageing skincare and we believe in keeping skin looking amazing by using the best plant active ingredients. These high performing actives are not oily or drying, and because of this mostly work for all skin types. The one product though that does have some divide is the face moisturisers, but both are suitable for combination skin and it depends on if your skin leans more to the oily or dry side. We believe our Matt Formula Face Cream is the best moisturiser for combination skin on the oilier side, and our Active Dew Face Cream is the best moisturiser for combination skin on the drier side. They both have long lasting hydration and nourishment but are easily absorbed. The ingredients within them includes stunning skin enhancing botanicals like hyaluronic acid, seaweed, pomegranate and cassia. The only oils within them are special non-greasy balancing oils like jojoba and argan. They contain a delicate 100% natural scent and are kind to even sensitive combination skin.

You can pick one as they both work for combination skin, but some customers with combination skin like to use our Matt Formula Face Cream in the day and our Active Dew Face Cream during the night. This particularly works well if you wear make-up, as this allows for a good build-up of layers and the Matt Cream is an excellent primer. Some customers with combination skin use the Active Dew Cream in winter when their skin is drier, and then the Matt Formula Face Cream in the summer. It is also down to personal preference, if you prefer a dewy hydrated look with your skin, or something more matt. Neither of the creams is greasy and they do not contain any clogging oils like coconut. Both creams are suitable for all seasons, plus day and night use.

If you have combination skin and also skin ageing concerns then we would recommend trying our Anti-Ageing Performance Face Serum as this has lots of lovely plant actives like hibiscus to help smooth out lines, plus plumping hyaluronic acid, seaweed, green tea and pomegranate for an intense antioxidant boost. Then our Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Complex has similar extracts to help with lines, dark circles, hydration and puffing. These can be used after cleansing but before using our Active Dew Face Cream for normal, dry, sensitive and combination skin or our Matt Formula Face Cream for oilier skin types. Using these products in combination will not overload skin as they are made with easily absorbed plant ingredients. They offer excellent skin nourishment, plus long-lasting hydration, but without clogging pores or being greasy. They can be used day and night. Our face creams do not contain SPF, as we do not believe in using SPF unless skin is exposed to the sun, and the creams can also be used at night. So always apply SPF when actually going in the sun.

The other products of interest are the Anti-Ageing Revitalising Face Oil which calms and energises skin, plus our Natural Lip Treatment Balm. These are for all skin types. Some of us are unsure about using an oil on oilier skin areas, but they can help to balance the facial areas. You can find Nakin’s full range of face products here and we have lots of reviews from verified buyers.

Sometimes our skin type seems to change. It might be more oily or dry than it usually is. This is normal and skin does changes as it is susceptible to internal hormonal and external environmental seasonal alternations. It can be hard to work out exactly why skin has changed. The best thing to keep skin happy and balanced is to use the best natural skincare and sun protection, plus have good nutrition. If you are ever worried about your skin, then always seek medical advice.

Nakin stands out in the beauty industry by producing some of the best moisturisers for combination skin, primarily because of our commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients. The products are carefully formulated to address the unique needs of combination skin, providing hydration to dry areas without adding excess oil to already oily zones. Nakin's moisturisers are renowned for their lightweight texture that absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling balanced and refreshed. Furthermore, our use of advanced botanical extracts helps to soothe and protect the skin, promoting a healthy complexion. By focusing on natural, effective ingredients, we ensure that our moisturisers are not only gentle on the skin but also deliver visible results, making them a top choice for those with combination skin types.

Nakin offer a full sensitive skincare system as our products are made from kind natural ingredients. We also only produce cruelty free beauty products. The full range is made in the UK and free from harsh ingredients like parabens, silicones, artificial colour and fragrance.

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