Skincare for Flaky Skin

Skincare for Flaky Skin

Many of us will have been there when our skin actually has flaky bits showing, and it is a common issue, especially in winter or when skin is really dehydrated. We recommend using really nourishing face products for this such as our Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare. This is because it contains masses of skin boosting plant ingredients and these work in harmony with our skin, as the nutrients and hydrating components ease away flaky areas of skin to reveal a soft, energised, and glowing complexion.

We have everything needed in a good face product routine and this includes cleansers, treatments and moisturisers. Each product is carefully formulated to offer hydration, conditioning and rejuvenation benefits to the face and neck. The essential products that we recommend for flaky skin include the below.

If your skin is suffering then the best product that we would recommend is the Revitalising Face Oil, as it is so soothing and healing, then the Eye Cream Complex for skin around the eyes. If you do not like a face oil, then you could use the Performance Face Serum instead of the oil. The oil is really calming and healing and the serum plus eye cream both contain a line smoothing peptide, as well as lots of other rejuvenating ingredients.

Our cleansers are also hydrating, as well as our moisturisers. If you are able to use a cleanser then we would recommend the Advanced Cleansing Milk, plus the Active Dew Face Cream for a moisturiser. Everything in our range can be found here

Nakin's face products are meticulously crafted to combat flaky skin, thanks to their innovative blend of natural ingredients, such as plant oils and extracts, which offer deep hydration and promote skin cell renewal. These formulations work by nourishing the skin's barrier, reducing the occurrence of dry patches, and leaving the complexion smooth and supple. Moreover, the gentle yet effective ingredients ensure suitability for even the most sensitive skin types, preventing irritation while effectively addressing flakiness.

Our range of face products is specifically designed to target and treat the face and neck. Made with a unique blend of natural ingredients, our products offer deep hydration to combat dryness and promote the renewal of skin cells.

One key ingredient in our formulations is plant oils, which are rich in fatty acids that help nourish the skin's barrier. This helps reduce the occurrence of dry patches, leaving the complexion smooth and supple. Our products contain  masses of plant extracts, which are known for their soothing and healing properties. These ingredients work together to provide intense hydration and promote skin cell renewal, effectively combating flaky skin.

What sets our face products apart is their gentle yet effective formula. We understand that sensitive skin requires extra care, so we ensure that our formulations are free from harsh chemicals and irritants. This makes our products suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, preventing irritation while effectively treating flakiness.

In addition to their nourishing and hydrating properties, our face products also offer other benefits for your skin. Regular use of our products can help improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and promote a healthy glow.

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