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How to Get Rid of Thread Veins on the Face Naturally

How to Get Rid of Thread Veins on the Face Naturally

At Nakin we often receive messages asking us how to get rid of thread veins on the face naturally, so we wanted to write an article about it. Thread veins are just tiny little veins that are very close to the skin surface, which means that they are visible. They commonly affect the face but can be found all over the body, the legs are another commonly affected area. They show up as thin red and purple lines and are often found around sides of the nose and on the cheeks. Thread veins are also called spider veins, and they are harmless and do not cause pain. They are different to varicose veins which are larger and thicker. The scientific term for thread veins is telangiectasia and they are broken capillaries that occur when the capillaries have dilated too much.

Thread veins tend to appear more as we get older, sometimes through skin damage but it can be genetic. Some people are just more susceptible to them than others, although they can be caused by hormonal changes, sun damage and skin trauma, such as from squeezing spots and black heads. As we get older our blood does not flow as well and we are more likely to have thread veins, as our skin gets thinner and we lose collagen. This means that any thread veins are also more noticeable. Those with paler skin may also be more conscious of thread veins if they have them, as darker skin tends to disguise them more.

The good news is that it is not a serious condition, it is more an aesthetic issue if you visually do not like to see them. It is thought that sometimes thread veins can naturally disappear over time, however this is not common. At Nakin we produce award winning natural skincare, however, this alone cannot get rid of thread veins. Below we look at the natural ways to get rid of thread veins on the face.

Taking Natural Supplements to Get Rid of Thread Veins

When we were researching this article, we read lots of forum posts and product reviews and noticed that lots of people advised that natural supplements had really helped with their thread veins, some even saying that they had disappeared. The results will no doubt vary from person to person, as they do with most products. Before taking any supplement, it is also important to get professional advice from a medical practitioner and supplement expert. This is really important as some natural supplements can have side effects. The other important thing to remember with supplements is that they all differ in strength and quality. In order to be effective a certain strength of an ingredient is likely to be required. The best supplements are also natural or derived from wholefoods without synthetic ingredients added, so always read the label well and carry out research into a product. Below is a list of the natural supplements that we found can help with thread veins on the face. There are also lots of plant and herbal blends with special combinations of ingredients that help to reduce thread veins.

  • Gingko biloba has been in the press for many years as a wonder supplement. This is for good reason. It helps thread veins because of its ability to improve circulation issues and it also helps with cognitive function.
  • Bilberry is most famous for helping eye health, but it is also another supplement that helps with circulation and blood vessels.
  • Horse chestnut is a well-known plant to help with veins and is thought to make the appearance of thread veins less prominent.
  • Rutin is a powerful antioxidant that also supports blood circulation, so this is why it is able to help with thread veins.
  • Gotu kola is thought to help blood vessels and have many other anti-ageing benefits including healing skin issues, improving memory and strengthening blood vessels.

Can Natural Skincare Get Rid of Thread Veins on the Face?

Unfortunately, we do not advise that natural skincare can heal thread veins on face and cheeks, as it is to do with the internal vessels. So even the best skincare products will struggle to completely heal thread veins. Products like Nakin’s Natural Skincare will help with lots of other skin concerns like lines and dullness though. High quality natural skincare products are also kind and calming to skin and can diminish redness. This is because Nakin’s face products are formulated with the best plant actives ingredients which have amazing effects on skin.

For a good natural skincare regime use our Advanced Cleansing Milk to brighten & condition followed by our Purifying Face Toner. Then apply the Eye Cream Complex to deliver seaweed, hibiscus and green tea for puffing, dark circles and lines. The Performance Face Serum can then be applied to the face and neck to rejuvenate skin which can be followed with the calming Revitalising Face Oil.  Choose the Active Dew Face Cream for drier skin types and the Matt Formula Face Cream for oilier skin. The final step is to boost lips with our Lip Treatment Balm.  

As we said natural skincare will help to keep skin looking as good as it can, and it will assist in preventing thread veins. However, it is unlikely to cure existing thread veins. The only natural ways that we have heard of to reduce thread veins is with herbal supplements as discussed above. Other than that, there are cosmetic procedures that could help, but they are invasive and would need specialist medical advice.

Cover Thread Veins on the Face with Make-Up

One of the simplest ways to help with thread veins on the face is to camouflage them just using makeup. The best product to cover up thread veins is concealer. Concealers are thicker than foundations and tinted moisturisers and they are specially made to hide prominent marks on the skin, like thread veins. These days there is a good selection of natural make-up products, so you do not need to worry about applying harsh products to skin. Apply the concealer onto the thread veins that you would like to cover up and pat in with a beauty blending sponge or your finger. You can then apply foundation or tinted moisturiser on top of this for extra coverage. It is best to set concealer and other coverage makeup with some powder, as this helps it to stay in place and give good coverage to skin all day long.

Another option which can conceal facial thread veins well is to use natural fake tan. This can be very subtle, and we are not suggesting a dark orangey tan. These days there are lots of natural fake tan liquids that can be added to your usual face care products. Try adding some drops of fake tan to Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare Products and mix them together thoroughly to ensure that you achieve an even streak free glow. This would work perfectly with our Performance Face Serum, Revitalising Face Oil , Active Dew Face Cream and Matt Formula Face Cream. Varying the amount of fake tan drops that you add to moisturisers and treatments means that you can control the amount of tan that you achieve, and even a really subtle glow can help to diminish the look of thread veins. We recommend doing this in the evening a few hours before bedtime as it can take a few hours for the colour to fully develop. This means the product will have thoroughly sunk into skin before bedtime and you will see the final result when you wake up. If there did happen to be any streaks or too much colour, then you can correct or tone down with make-up. Fake tan is only temporary and usually lasts 1-3 days depending on the product, so the application would need to be repeated each evening, or a few times a week.

Cosmetic Procedures to Get Rid of Thread Veins

At Nakin we promote achieving beautiful healthy skin through natural methods and our natural skincare. But we understand that some people like to use cosmetic procedures that are available to help with skin issues such as thread veins.

Thread veins on the face are really common and they vary in severity, those with paler skin may find that they show up more. One of the fastest immediate ways to get rid of thread veins is with laser cosmetic procedures. This will involve a series of treatments which can be a little uncomfortable and you could need some downtime afterwards. If you are considering laser treatment, then take care to do lots of research to find the right company to carry this out. Ensure the practitioner is a qualified expert and there are many recommendations from happy customers. There are lots of clinics and dermatologists that offer this treatment, but it is a private procedure.


To find out more about Nakin and our natural skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Nakin products are designed to boost and protect skin naturally - with high performing natural actives like Hyaluronic Acid, Hibiscus and Pomegranate. We do not use harsh anti-ageing ingredients like Retinol and Vitamin C. Our main aim with all our products is to help with skin ageing concerns like lines, dullness, uneven skin tone and dark circles. We use modern high-performance plant actives to do this. The complete face care collection can be found here and is made with the best natural plant actives, as well as being cruelty free and made in the UK.

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