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Do I Need A Moisturiser with SPF?

Do I Need A Moisturiser with SPF?

Nowadays it is quite common for a face cream moisturiser to also contain some level of SPF. However, at Nakin we do not include SPF in our face cream moisturisers, and we are often asked why. We are dedicated to producing the best anti-ageing skincare possible and keeping skin looking as good as it can naturally. Effective sun protection is essential for many health reasons, and to stop premature skin ageing. But at Nakin we feel that face cream moisturisers and sun protection creams both do important but separate jobs. So, there are particularly good reasons why our natural anti-ageing face products do not contain SPF as we discuss below.

The main reason for this is because we believe in only applying SPF when needed, and it should be applied before actually going in the sun, instead of at the times you apply face cream. It also needs to be reapplied during the day to ensure effective sun protection. The other reason is that all our award-winning face creams can be used at night. We do not recommend applying SPF to the face unless it is actually needed. The ingredients that protect skin from the sun, be it natural mineral versions or synthetic versions do not actually add any goodness to skin, and they can be detrimental to skin and clog pores. Having an SPF as part of your face moisturiser will mean that you have SPF on your face and neck when not always needed, plus it reduces the amount of skin boosting ingredients that can be included in the face cream formula.

We always recommend using natural mineral sunscreen over synthetic versions, as these are much kinder to skin and less likely to cause irritation and effect the natural functioning of skin. To find out more about why natural sunscreens are more beneficial for skin than synthetic chemical versions then take a look at our article about it here. Having said that, even natural mineral sunscreens can still clog pores and they will sit on skin. So, it is much better to only apply sunscreen when actually going in the sun, to get the best protection from UV rays, and also to keep skin SPF free as much as possible.

Using a face cream that has SPF in is obviously better than not using any SPF at all. However, it is good to keep your face cream and SPF application separate to each other. This is because we need a high SPF on about 15 minutes before actually going out into the sun, and we need to reapply it every couple of hours. Your face cream does a completely different job and helps to hydrate, nourish and protect skin from other environmental stressors. SPF sunscreen ingredients are not able to offer any skin nourishing benefits to the face and neck, as they solely protect skin from the sun.

A study reported in the Independent by the University of Liverpool found that it is better to apply a sunscreen separate to a face cream moisturiser, as we tend to take more care when applying sun cream, so that it covers every area and we also apply it more liberally. These findings do not surprise us as good face cream moisturisers tend to be expensive, so we only apply what we need. However, sun protection products are much more affordable and so we can afford to apply them to skin more generously.

The team at the University of Liverpool carried out the experiment with a group of people and they asked them to apply just sun cream to their faces on the first day of testing, and then on the next day to apply just SPF to their faces. The team then used a special camera that is able to see UV light and the darker the skin appeared on their faces was taken as a sign of stronger protection from UV light. The results were that the group covered 89 per cent of their faces when applying sun cream, but only 84 per cent of their faces when applying moisturiser. Additional to this, the images where the participants had used just the sun cream appeared darker, which they feel is because we tend to apply sun screen thicker than a moisturiser, which provides more adequate and stronger defence from the sun. These results are a good reminder of how we need to take care when applying our sunscreen, regardless of the form it is in. We need to cover every part of our skin, and to also apply a good layer of the cream.

If you do use a face cream with SPF, then make sure that it meets all the requirements of a good sunscreen and offers 5-star UVA and UVB protection. Do not forget to also reapply it before actually going into the sun, and throughout the day if in the sun for long periods, or at different times in a day, or going out on different occasions. We usually only need to put a face cream moisturiser on in the morning and evening, but if your sunscreen is in your moisturiser then take care to reapply during the day and apply enough to protect the skin properly.

We hope that you found this article helpful. To find out more about Nakin’s products then look at our range of face care here. Nakin have everything that you need for a full face care regime including cleansers, treatments, lip, eye and face moisturisers. Nakin have superb face cream moisturisers that provide skin with the best nourishment, hydration and protection. The Active Dew Face Cream is for normal, dry, combination and sensitive skin and is lovely to use. It protects from things like pollution and heating. It does not contain SPF though, as it can also be used at night. For more oilier skin then try our Matt Formula Face Cream, which is still packed with amazing plant actives, but gives a less dewy finish. Find out more about us here and learn about our stunning natural skincare range, that is all cruelty free and made in the UK.

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