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Brad Pitt’s Skincare Routine

Brad Pitt’s Skincare Routine

Everyone loves Brad Pitt, and, in his sixties, it is safe to say that he looks fantastic. His looks are no doubt boosted by his amazing talent and acting mind, which is something that always makes someone look attractive. He has been a heartthrob for many years and there seems no sign of change to this. At Nakin we are interested in everyone’s skincare routine, particularly when they are nailing it.

Brad Pitt is a top Hollywood star of course, so we know that he probably follows the amazing Californian lifestyle that comes with wealth and sunshine. We know that we would be indulging in long walks on the beach, healthy salads, all the alternative therapy trends, facials, massages, and modern natural skin treatments. A lifestyle filled with pools, personal trainers and organic foods is one that would have most of us looking amazing.

In recent years Brad Pitt has moved into the skincare market so we know that he understands the value of good skincare, and we would love to find out more about his personal routine. We were surprised to find that it is actually a pretty simple routine, one that many would follow.

He recently told Vogue magazine that he has a morning wash, then he uses his serum, and then day cream, after which he is done and out the door. It really is a fast routine and one that you could copy by using our Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Face Products. We have our Rejuvenating Face Wash, Performance Face Serum, Matt Formula Face Cream for oily, normal, combination or sensitive skin, or the Nakin Active Dew Face Cream for dry, normal, combination or sensitive skin. All of the products can be found on our website www.nakinskincare.com and we also have other essential face products such as eye cream and lip balm.

Brad explained his daily routine to Vogue and said after applying his three products he is ready and out the door. This is because cleansing, treating, and moisturising are the essentials of a face routine as this keeps skin clear and fresh, plus provides a delivery of anti-ageing actives, nourishment, protection and hydration. Brad also shared his top five beauty tips for his vintage years:

  • Being surrounded by friends and family
  • Staying creative
  • Eating somewhat healthy, although he does believe in a cheat day
  • Staying healthy and physical, but not in an obsessive way
  • Mixing things up with just a little of this a little of that

Brad feels like the above five mantras sounds about right to him and he will see how long he goes. Vogue then asks Brad who is thinks is the most handsome man and he says that he has got to name George Clooney, because why not, and because he is usually always taking him out and he is always taking Brad out, so this time he is going the other way.

Brad seems like a lovely guy and really does look great, but also seems young at heart too. We will definitely bear his advice in mind.

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