Alternative to Clarins Gentle Day Cream

Alternative to Clarins Gentle Day Cream

We have been receiving a lot of enquiries from customers asking what is the best alternative that we have to the Clarins Gentle Day Cream. This is for two reasons, first it is because word is spreading about Nakin’s Amazing Natural Skincare and also because the Clarins Gentle Day Cream has been discontinued, so lots of people are looking for a better alternative. The good news is that Nakin have two fabulous gentle face cream options which are both suitable for sensitive skin types. We have our Gentle Dew Cream for drier skin types and Gentle Matt Moisturiser for oilier skin types. Both are lovely for normal, combination and sensitive skin.

At Nakin we develop our moisturisers to be outstanding quality with the perfect blend of plant nourishment, protectors and hydrators that are fantastic for skin to leave it calm and nourished. The ingredients soak into skin so that it feels as if nothing is on the face, except silky soft invisible protection.

One of the reasons that Nakin’s face creams are so gentle to skin is because they are free of strong or irritating ingredients like parabens, propylene glycol, DEA, MEA, TEA, PEGs, mineral oil, artificial colour and fragrance. Instead Nakin’s range is 99% natural and contains only the absolute best botanicals that offer skin superb moisture and nourishment. They also calm irritation, sensitivity and redness.

The Nakin and Clarins creams share many similarities, but we believe that Nakin’s moisturisers offer higher a greater percentage of plant extracts. Clarin’s Gentle Day Cream contains 90% pure plant extracts whereas Nakin’s creams are made with 99% plant extracts. They share many of the same benefits for skin such as fighting off pollution, calming sensitive and irritated skin, plus protecting skin from internal and external stress.

If you struggle to find a face cream that leaves your skin comfortable in the morning and evening plus all year round, then consider Nakin’s moisturisers which make an excellent alternative to the Clarin’s Gentle Day Cream. Our moisturiser options include the below depending on your skin type.

Click on the links above to see the full product details including the detailed description, ingredients, properties and usage. You will also see our many five-star rated customer reviews for more information on the look and feel. All of our reviews are from verified customers as we use a third-party review monitor, to ensure that customers can completely trust all of our testimonials. As you will also see on the website, our products are also amazing value when compared to the price of Clarin’s face creams. These are usually double the price of Nakin’s natural face products as we keep our face care as affordable as possible, as part of our mission is to make kind natural healthy skincare available to all.

We hope that you found our feature helpful outlining our alternative to the Clarin’s Gentle Day Cream. Nakin are dedicated to offering exceptional anti-ageing skincare using the best that nature has to offer. Take a look around our website to find out more about our cruelty free skincare that is all made in the UK.

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