Why Your Skin Needs Topical Antioxidants

Why Your Skin Needs Topical Antioxidants

Antioxidants help to protect skin from oxidative stress, which arises from the damaging effects of sun exposure and pollutants. This oxidative stress contributes to premature ageing of the skin which shows up on the face in the form of lines, pigmentation, dullness, and sagging. Skin always needs sun protection to prevent UV rays damaging skin, but the other essential everyday requirement for the skin is to apply topical antioxidants, to fight off the damage caused by oxidative stress.

At Nakin we like to use antioxidants in our skincare that occur naturally in plant ingredients, so we never use ingredients such as synthetic vitamin C and other synthetically produced vitamins and minerals. Instead, we use ingredients such as plant oils that naturally contain skin loving nutrients. Looking after your skin by applying topical antioxidants in skincare keeps skin looking as fresh and youthful as it can. That is why the full Nakin Anti-Ageing Skincare range is packed naturally occurring antioxidants. You might think that eating lots of antioxidants is enough to combat skin ageing, but even the best diet full of vegetables and fruits will see the nutrients quickly absorbed by the body. Antioxidants are really important for our diet and overall health, but the ones we eat are used by our body for essential biological processes, our skin is often last to benefit from this internal nutrient boost. Eating a diet full of healthy foods that are rich in antioxidants will definitely help skin, and also applying good ingredients topically with give a double benefit. The nice thing about applying antioxidant face products is that they provide a kind of shield to skin against pollutants. The nutrient properties of antioxidants also help to repair past skin damage and condition skin.

Unfortunately, there is oxidative stress particles in the atmosphere, especially from pollution, so they are more prevalent in city areas. There is no way to avoid these particles as they are in the air, so the best way to overcome them is eat lots of antioxidants from fruit and vegetables. This helps to negate the internal inflammation, so we also need to apply natural face products that are rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals, to shield skin from inflammation.

Good face creams and serums are especially made to contain antioxidants, but at Nakin as all our cleansers, face creams and serums are packed with the best plant extracts, they all contain naturally occurring antioxidants and give a lovely boost to skin. The other lovely thing about Nakin’s range is that the prices suit most budgets and the formulas are kind to even sensitive skin. They are rich in nutrients, but still light enough not to clog pores. The silky formulas sink into skin and provide a mass of antioxidant nutrition to the face and neck. The best thing is that the formulas are naturally rich in antioxidants found in plants like pomegranate, hibiscus, seaweed, olives, argan and green tea. They sink into skin while still providing invisible protection for oxidative stress from the cutting-edge modern formulas. Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare really is the gold standard in natural beauty and the range includes the below, which offers a full antioxidant regime for the face and neck.

  • This is a regime that is best followed morning and evening for optimum results. Begin with our antioxidant Advanced Cleansing Milk or Rejuvenating Face Wash to brighten & condition with the skin loving lightweight formulas. Then follow with the Purifying Face Toner which is much more than your usual face toners as it detoxes, hydrates and revives. To exfoliate use our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic in your routine.
  • Follow cleansing with three antioxidant rich active products that really work on past oxidative stress damage and help to correct skin issues, heal, calm and smooth lines. The Eye Cream Complex is full of potent plant ingredients like seaweed, hibiscus and flavonoid rich green tea for the effective treatment of puffing, dark circles and lines. The Performance Face Serum is for the face and neck to rejuvenate skin with more potent plant ingredients, these are naturally full of enriching skin antioxidant boosters like vitamin C and E. Then our Revitalising Face Oil conditions and energises the face and neck with the best plant oils full of polyphenols plus other vitamins and minerals.  
  • Next is time for the face cream, and ours are delicately scented plus nourish skin and provide the invisible protection from an array of antioxidant ingredients. If you have more dry or normal skin then treat it to a beautiful long-lasting dewy glow with our Active Dew Face Cream. If you are oilier or you prefer a more matt look then moisturise with our Matt Formula Face Cream. Both give skin long lasting protection from pollution and other oxidative stress.
  • The last step is to protect your lips with our Lip Treatment Balm which is full of the best natural butters and oils to soften and protect even very dry lips. It is the most beautiful hydrating lip balm and gives a subtle look.

Topical antioxidants are hailed for their formidable role in skincare, acting as a shield against the deleterious effects of free radicals. These unstable molecules, stemming from environmental aggressors like pollution and UV radiation, can wreak havoc on the skin, accelerating the ageing process and contributing to fine lines, wrinkles, and a lacklustre complexion. By neutralising free radicals, antioxidants help to preserve the integrity of the skin's barrier, enhance its resilience against external stressors, and promote a healthier, more radiant appearance.

We hope that you found our feature on the importance of antioxidants in skincare useful. The good news is that it does not matter if you do not know your resveratrol from your polyphenols, as Nakin’s Natural Skincare has been specially formulated to keep skin fresh and youthful using the best antioxidant plant actives available. The full range is kind to even sensitive skin, as well as being cruelty free and made in the UK.

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