Why You Don't Need a Filter

Why You Don't Need a Filter

Pretty much all of us will have experimented with using a filter on our photographs at some point or other. There are so many around, and there is so much you can do to change your appearance in a photo - from smoothing lines and darkening skin tone, to putting make-up on the face and changing hair colour. We all have good and bad photos, and when a photo seems great apart from some perceived imperfections, then it is tempting to add a filter and make some amendments.

If you love filters and are happy using them, then there is nothing wrong with this at all. But if you fancy trying to go filter free with the completely natural look, then one option is to swop the time spent filtering images and use this for improving our skin instead. Having great skin makes us feel good all day long, as we all know that those filters are only seen in certain environments, so it would be great to feel happy and confident with our skin on a daily basis. At Nakin we are obsessed with helping our skin to look as good as it can naturally, so this is why we developed our award-winning natural anti-ageing skincare. Take a look at our products below and see how they can help you go filter free.

  • Cleansing is the foundation of great skin and helps it to look clear, smooth and even. Our anti-ageing Cleansing Milk contains natural pure skin cleansers that work beautifully, while being kind to skin at the same time. Never stripping skin, just cleansing and comforting. 
  • A good Toner is essential in a cleansing regime. It removes any cleanser that remains and double cleanses deep down into skin to purify, freshen and detox.
  • The skin around the eyes is an area that it is often tempting to filter and smooth out. This area naturally shows lines when we smile, so getting rid of them using a filter can give an unnatural look. Instead use an excellent anti-ageing Eye Cream that uses plant extracts to smooth out lines, plus reduce circles and puffiness.
  • Face treatments are essential to ward off and ease the signs of skin ageing that we often try to cover up with filters. Our anti-ageing Face Serum works on many concerns simultaneously - including lines, dullness, uneven skin tone and dehydration. Then our anti-ageing Face Oil can be used afterwards to further calm and condition skin. These award-winning products pack a punch when it comes to making skin look healthy and glowing.
  • A great lip balm can cover a multitude of issues like dryness and chapping, which could ruin any photo. Our award-winning natural Lip Balm is a hero product and better than any lip filter.

As you can see there are options for moving away from artificial photo filters and instead embracing our natural look by using the best skincare products. Your skin will never look better with our anti-ageing skincare that uses the best pure extracts for gorgeous glowing skin.

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