Why We Should Avoid Skincare Products with Propylene Glycol

Why We Should Avoid Skincare Products with Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a common skincare ingredient, but we never understand why, as although it has some beauty benefits, we believe that there are so many better ingredients that offer superior benefits, and without any of the downsides. This is why all of our natural skincare is free from propylene glycol as there are so many nicer options.

There are a number of reasons why we should avoid skincare products with propylene glycol. For one, this ingredient can be drying to the skin, which can lead to irritation and even breakouts. Additionally, propylene glycol is usually a petroleum-based product, meaning that it is derived from crude oil. This means that it is not only bad for our skin, but also for the environment. Finally, propylene glycol is often used as a cheap alternative to other more expensive skincare ingredients, so avoiding it is always a good idea. In short, there are plenty of good reasons to pass on skincare products with propylene glycol and your skin will thank you for it.

Propylene glycol is a common ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products, plus is also used as a food additive and in many pharmaceutical products. For this reason, it is considered safe by the authorities, however, at Nakin we prefer to avoid it. It is so common that it can be hard to completely eradicate it from our lives. One easy way is to ensure that any skincare products that you use are free from propylene glycol. A lot of what we put onto our skin can be absorbed and so this is why we prefer to keep it natural wherever possible.

The good news is that there is no reason to use skincare with propylene glycol, as there are so many fantastic beauty products that are free of propylene glycol. At Nakin all of our products are made to be as natural as possible and our anti-ageing skincare is free of propylene glycol as well as lots of other undesirable ingredients like parabens, silicones, PEGs, retinoids, artificial fragrance and colour. We make our products to be as natural as possible and use the power of plants to help to keep skin looking as good as possible. So, as well as being free from propylene glycol they also provide excellent treatments for the face and neck.

We hope that you found our feature useful about why we prefer to avoid skincare products that contain propylene glycol. Although it is a common ingredient, we believe in avoiding it as it does have potential adverse effects and is also often derived from crude oil. At Nakin we produce all of our products using the power of plants and we have everything needed in a face care routine, you can find out more about our products below.

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