Why We Prefer Natural Anti-Ageing Ingredients to Retinol

Why We Prefer Natural Anti-Ageing Ingredients to Retinol

At Nakin we are all about anti-ageing skincare but with the proviso that it is done naturally. We do not seek to stop anyone using or doing anything that they want to do, but when it comes to our products we take the natural approach very seriously. One of the biggest anti-ageing ingredients that we avoid is retinoids which are a group of synthetic actives derived from vitamin A and commonly known as retinol.

When it comes to anti-ageing face products, retinol has been one of the most widely used ingredients for decades. Despite its many benefits, there are also some drawbacks associated with using retinol-based products. One of these is the potential for skin irritation and sensitivity, as well as a longer adjustment period compared to other ingredients.

This is why we prefer natural anti-ageing ingredients that can provide similar results without any of the unpleasant side effects. Natural alternatives like plant peptides and antioxidants offer powerful benefits while still being gentle on your skin. For example, the hibiscus peptide that we use in our anti-ageing face serum and anti-ageing eye cream helps to smooth lines and wrinkles naturally, without the risks of using a retinol product. Additionally, plant-based oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, and baobab oil are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that help keep skin hydrated, and protect it from environmental damage.

At the end of the day, choosing which anti-ageing skincare products to use should be based on your individual needs. Retinol can certainly provide great results but there are plenty of natural alternatives available as well. We believe that natural ingredients are often the best choice for anyone looking to maintain a healthy complexion without risking any potential irritation or sensitivity. For this reason, we prefer natural anti-ageing ingredients over retinol whenever possible.

If you have looked into using retinol then you will probably have noticed that it is a minefield out there, with every product having different types of retinol and in very different percentages. There is a requirement to use it carefully to ensure it does not cause sensitivity, and lots of people find that they can never use it.

If you do decide to use retinol then we recommend starting off with one that has a low percentage and only moving to a higher percentage when you are sure that it has not caused any irritation of sensitivity to your skin. Because retinol has an exfoliating action and speeds up cell turnover then it makes skin more sensitive to the sun, so as with all exfoliating products always were SPF in the daytime when using retinol in your face routine.

We hope that you have found our feature comparing natural anti-ageing skincare to synthetic retinol. While some people think that retinol is the holy grail of good skincare, at Nakin we always prefer to use natural ingredients that do not have the risks of sensitivity and irritation. You can find out more about us online where we have a full collection of anti-ageing cleansers, treatments and moisturisers.

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