Why We Love Sensitive Skincare

Why We Love Sensitive Skincare

Here at Nakin we believe in helping our skin to look great naturally. One of the main skin concerns that we hear about from customers is that they have switched to our sensitive skin care products as other face ranges cause irritation, redness, or reactions for their skin. At Nakin we love sensitive skincare and pride ourselves on making the best kind anti-ageing skincare.

Sensitive skincare does not really have a universally accepted meaning, however, if you do suffer from sensitivity then it will play a part in your everyday life. Sensitive skin is when our skin reacts negatively to products that are applied to it. So, in turn sensitive skin care includes products that are made to be used by people with sensitive skin, without causing reactions. It is all about nourishing and strengthening the skin barrier, so that it is happy and healthy. At Nakin our full product range of face care is suitable for all skin types, as sensitive face products will also help every skin type to function well. They are just made with sensitive skin in mind, and this is why they are packed with amazing plant boosting ingredients like flower actives, marine extracts, oils and butters.

Our skin is a special organ and what we show to the world, so we should treat it well and be kind to it. There has been a trend in the last few years of using really strong anti-ageing ingredients on our faces and while they might have some benefits in terms of looking good, they are also far away from our natural biology and can completely throw skin out of sync. The sorts of ingredients that we are talking about are ones like retinol and hydroxy acids like glycolic acid, plus the commonly used artificial fragrances. We all want lovely skin but at Nakin we love kind natural skincare that uses harmonising and strengthening plant ingredients to get comparable results to strong chemical anti-agers. Our kind formulas mean that our full range is suitable for sensitive skin. Even our bestselling anti-wrinkle cream and anti-wrinkle serum are kind to skin and use botanicals to smooth lines. Meaning that even sensitive skin can look fresh and healthy without risking irritation and reactions.

Sensitive face issues can come around from all sorts of problems and our skin sensitivity tends to increase as we age. Sensitive skincare that is kind to skin will nurture skin back to health and will make balanced skin thrive.

Everyone’s skin is so unique, and it is important to remember that some skin issues can be brought on by an allergy, so we must always read cosmetic product labels scrupulously to ensure the ingredients are right for us. We also advise to always do a patch test when trying out new products. For most of us we recommend using sensitive skincare products, regardless of if you have sensitive skin or not. This is because we do not believe in using strong chemicals on our precious skin at any time, unless recommended by a health professional. At Nakin we love sensitive skincare products, and we believe that they offer skin the chance to look great in both the short and long term.

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