Why We Love Face Toners

Why We Love Face Toners

If there is one product in the skincare mix that is misunderstood, it is face toners. Many people wonder what they are for and how they benefit skin. The good news is that they have come a long way from the rose and glycerin face toners used decades ago. We love them lots as the best face toner will offer something that no other product in our skin care routine can. This is gentle but deep-down cleansing and conditioning of skin, plus getting skin best prepared for the active products applied to the face after cleansing. Find out why we love face toners so much below.

  • A natural toner like Nakin’s has a gentle astringent effect on skin which tones the face and neck as well as clearing and closing pores, plus removing excess oil and reducing inflammation.
  • Toners should be hydrating and never be drying or stripping. Our toner at Nakin contains hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturise skin, which is quite rare for a toner. It is such an amazing ingredient that we wanted to include it to help hydrate and plump skin deep down, but without any irritating effects.
  • A good toner will also contain lots of other cleansing and conditioning ingredients, to act as a multi-purpose skin treatment with numerous benefits.
  • Toners remove the last traces of debris, oil and pollution from skin, with its deep-down action, as the thin liquid can get lower into skin than a cream or gel.
  • Good cleansing with a natural cleansing milk and natural toner will always help with skin issues like congestion and pigmentation.
  • When it comes to toners there really is no better product to second cleanse and prepare skin. We always recommend a bottle toner over a spray mist, as when toner is applied with a pad or cloth it gives a gentle manual exfoliation. This clears away dead skin cells, so skin looks brighter and can better absorb the oils, serums and creams applied after toning.
  • To use a face toner, apply after cleansing the skin with a cotton pad, then swipe all over the face and neck, taking care around the eye area.

Nakin’s Purifying Face Toner is lovely to use, it smells great and has an uplifting non-sticky comforting formula. Our toner is free from sometimes irritating exfoliating ingredients like glycolic acid and azelaic acid. Although they do help to exfoliate skin, they can also cause irritation. We recommend always being super kind to your skin, as when it is thrown out of balance other issues can develop.

We hope that you found our feature about face toners useful. A toner is a product that we always recommend and a good one like our anti-ageing toner will contribute to that lovely dewy glow. Toners should not be confused with micellar waters that can remove make-up and often contain harsh cleansing agents. They also differ from face mist sprays. If you love a mist then we recommend them more for hydrating skin during the day for a top-up, as opposed to cleansing skin. Toners that are wiped on the face with a cotton pad work their magic while also sweeping away any left-over dirt and grime from the cleansing process.

We hope that you enjoyed our article explaining why we love face toners. To find out more about Nakin and our award-winning natural products take a look at the links below.

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