Why Natural Skincare Feels Different to Conventional Skincare

Why Natural Skincare Feels Different to Conventional Skincare

Sometimes at Nakin we see reviews from customers describing how Nakin’s products do not feel the same as their usual face products. This is quite rare, and it usually happens when a customer has been using skincare that is filled with synthetic ingredients, such as PEGs and silicones. Our products will feel different on the skin to synthetic face creams, as these usually have many ingredients that are on our banned list, including PEGs and silicones. These ingredients feel lovely on the face, but we believe they have no real benefits to skin, instead Nakin’s range is packed with natural plant actives and extracts that all have rejuvenating benefits. We believe that our range the best skincare products and we are passionate about natural skincare, as we feel that it provides skin with so many benefits when compared to using synthetic face products.

At Nakin we use very high-quality natural ingredients in our products and are pleased to say that they have mostly five-star reviews, plus have won many awards. Most of our customers are really happy with our products, but of course we understand that everyone has such unique skin and preferences. There are so many face products out there and most of them are incredibly unique, and so switching to a new product can take a while to get used to. Lots of us like things that are familiar to us, and so using some new face care can take a while to get used to.

One of the other common comments that we receive is that Nakin smells differently to a customer’s usual skincare. This again is due to Nakin’s natural formulations and means customers might also find that the smell of Nakin is different to a synthetic beauty brand. If you are used to using products that are heavily perfumed with synthetic fragrance, then switching to Nakin with our mild delicate natural scent might be new to you. The reason that we do not use synthetic fragrance in our natural skincare products is because it has lots of controversial safety issues. Our natural fragrance is also used mildly because even natural fragrance can be sensitising to skin. Fragrance in skincare products has no real beauty benefits, and so we prefer to fill our range with anti-ageing ingredients instead.

We hope that our feature is helpful explaining how the feel and scent of Nakin might differ to some of the conventional skincare brands. This is something that we are proud of, as our products look and feel natural, as they are meant to. We believe that natural ingredients do so much more for skin than synthetic ones can. Our skin is a living organ and reacts to everything that is put on it, and we believe that natural products offer skin harmonious organic nourishment that cannot be replicated with synthetic ingredients. If you are interested in finding out more about Nakin and our natural anti-ageing skincare, then take a look online for our full range.

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