Why Nakin Face Creams Do Not Have Sunscreen

Why Nakin Face Creams Do Not Have Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a really important essential part of every skin routine. However, at Nakin we chose to keep our face creams free of sunscreen, as we see them as very separate products with distinct purposes. Skincare is all about enhancing skin with hydration and nutrition, whereas sun care is only about one thing, and preventing damage from the sun. The sun is incredibly ageing to our skin, and it can also cause some serious health concerns, with skin cancer rising. So mixing while mixing these two important entities might seem like a good idea, we believe that they are best left as separate treatments.

At Nakin we believe that sunscreen is the last product in a skin care regime, to go over a moisturiser, with the sole purpose of protecting skin from the sun. The face cream is still doing its job underneath of nourishing skin and locking in moisture. This protects the skin from trans epidermal moisture loss, and face creams also have an invisible barrier that helps keep out irritants like wind and pollution. Then on top of a face cream a sunscreen does the important job of protecting skin from the UVA and UVB rays.

All of Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare Products are filled with lots of plant ingredients that help to prevent and correct damage to skin naturally. They do not contain any harsh anti-ageing ingredients like retinol but do have powerful plant ingredients like hyaluronic acid and hibiscus. So, they help with the signs of sun damage like lines and an uneven skin tone. Our moisturisers do not contain SPF though, as we see them as very separate products. They are filled with hydrating, conditioning and protecting ingredients and can be used day and night. Whereas an SPF should be used 15-30minutes before going out in the sun and reapplied regularly when outside, unlike the moisturisers that would be used in the morning and evening regardless of sun exposure.

We are not saying that moisturisers with sunscreen are not effective at protecting skin from the sun. They will have been tested to ensure that they can achieve this properly. The problem is that we tend not to apply enough of a face cream with SPF onto our head and neck area, and often miss bits, plus do not generally reapply them throughout the day. This is dangerous for our skin as it is so important to protect skin against the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The UVB radiation causes sunburn and cellular DNA damage, while the UVA rays penetrate really deeply and damage our collagen.

There has been a study by the University of Liverpool to show that the way we use face creams that have sunscreen included is not as effective at protecting from the sun as a separate SPF product. The research found that users of moisturisers with SPF as part of the formula do not apply enough to actually receive adequate protection. Perhaps because moisturisers are mostly more expensive than SPF only products, so we do not use as much as we should for sun blockage. The study found that SPF only products had a much better consistent application than face cream sunscreens. Users also missed more areas of their head and neck, such as around the eyes. Missing areas of the face and reduced application of the face creams makes skin more prone to damage and skin cancers. Another interesting point in the study is that when the participants were questioned about whether they believed they had applied the face cream with SPF adequately, they felt that they had, showing that they were not aware of the failure to provide adequate sunscreen coverage. One of the reasons this conception is so dangerous is because when we feel our skin is safe and protected, we are more likely to spend more time outdoors and feel happy with our sun exposure.

Nakin have two exceptional face creams in our range, and both are filled with skin enhancing moisture boosting plant ingredients. Our Anti-Ageing Matt Cream is for oilier skin types, and for skin that is more on the dry side the Anti-Ageing Dew Cream is better suited. Both are gorgeous for normal, combination and sensitive skin types.

We hope that you can see why Nakin's face products do not contain sunscreen, because our brand prioritises creating natural skincare solutions that are solely to benefit skin and can be used both day and night. Additionally, integrating SPF into skincare often necessitates a heavier formula, which might not be suitable for all skin types, particularly those prone to sensitivity or breakouts. Nakin encourages our customers to apply a separate, high-quality sunscreen as part of a broader skincare routine, ensuring they receive effective sun protection without compromising the purity and efficacy of their products. 

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness about the harmful effects of chemical sunscreens on both our skin and the environment. This only applies to some ingredients, so it is important to research a sunscreen well. Some synthetic compounds are thought to penetrate the skin and disrupt hormonal balance, causing potential health risks. Moreover, they might also have a damaging impact on marine life and coral reefs when washed off into the ocean. By choosing sunscreen-free face products you can then apply SPF as required when actually going out in the sun.

Regardless of if you use a face cream with sunscreen incorporated or a separate SPF, the important thing is to totally cover all areas of exposed skin and to apply an adequate concentration and volume. As well as using a high enough protection and to reapply every two hours throughout the day if outside. Another point to remember is that even if we do not actually burn our skin, we can still get sun damage when not properly protected. As well as applying sunscreen effectively we should also cover up with clothes and protect the susceptible eye area with UV protection sunglasses.

At Nakin we are huge advocates of all things natural, and this is why we developed our award-winning natural skincare. So, we always recommend using a natural sun cream that is kind to skin and the environment. To find out more about Nakin then take a look at our website which has the full product range, as well as lots of tips and advice on beauty and skincare questions. Nakin products are all cruelty free and made in the UK.

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