Why Mature Skin Benefits So Much From Natural Skincare

Why Mature Skin Benefits  So Much From Natural Skincare

If you have mature skin then regardless of your skin type your skin will benefit from the right love and care, and part of this is using kind products that help skin to thrive. Mature skin is much more sensitive than the skin we had decades before and needs to be treated with respect, and for us this is with high quality natural skincare. At Nakin we are often amazed at how many conventional cosmetic products aimed at mature skin contain so many harsh chemicals. This can be anything from retinoids to parabens. However, we believe that this is not treating skin with the care it needs and the right plant ingredients do a much better job.

Good natural skincare is so beneficial for all skin types and especially mature skin, which can react quite badly to some ingredients. Not using retinoids might mean that our skin is not as line free as it could be, but it will instead be happy without the irritation that retinol can cause. Instead good natural skincare like ours has so many benefits for mature skin. When nutritious and hydrating plant extracts are applied to skin they are able to immediately react together due to the natural nature of plants. It makes sense that our skin is more receptive to botanical ingredients as they work in harmony together, and right ones can support skin to be strong and healthy. This for us is a hugely compelling reason to use natural skincare at all stages of our life, and especially as the years go by.

As we age, our skin changes and matures. The collagen and elastin that we have reduces, and this is seen with lines, sagging and an uneven tone. This is a natural part of ageing and will show up in different ways. Most of us would like to look as good as we can and natural skincare can help to achieve a healthy look and feel for mature skin. At Nakin our natural skincare is hugely nourishing to mature skin and we have amazing cleansers, treatments, moisturisers, lip and eye products.

Natural skincare is ideal for mature skin as it provides gentle but effective ingredients that work alongside your body’s own natural processes. Natural skincare products are enriched with powerful antioxidants that help protect against environmental damage as well as deeply nourish and replenish lost moisture for a plumper complexion. Many natural ingredients such as plant peptides can also help to ease away the look of wrinkles.

Overall, natural skincare is a great choice for mature skin as it helps to reduce signs of ageing while providing gentle yet effective hydration and nourishment. Natural skincare products containing active ingredients like the ones that we use at Nakin can also help to brighten dullness and restore luminosity to more mature skin. Furthermore, natural ingredients such as plant-based oils can help to balance the skin’s sebum production for a clearer complexion.

We use lots of natural oils such as jojoba oil which can help nourish the delicate complexion without clogging pores or causing irritation. Our natural ingredients are also non-comedogenic, meaning they will not block your pores and cause breakouts. Everything is also made with sensitive skin in mind, making it easy to use our products that are free from ingredients like artificial fragrance and dye.  

With the right natural skincare we can also benefit from the excellent anti-ageing benefits to keep our youthful look and reduce signs of ageing. By taking care of our skin now, we can still have fresh and healthy skin for years to come.

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