Why Lips are So Prone to Dryness

Why Lips are So Prone to Dryness

If your lips are prone to dryness then you might be wondering why, as it can be a troublesome condition. So read on to find out why our lips are so prone to dryness and how our Nakin Lip Treatment Balm can help.

Have you ever wondered why your lips always feel dry and chapped no matter how much you moisturise them? Dry, cracked lips are a common issue, especially during the colder months, and can cause discomfort, pain, and embarrassment. The fact is, unlike other types of skin, your lips lack sweat and oil glands which makes them more susceptible to dehydration, irritation, and sensitivity. But the good news is, with a little bit of knowledge and care, you can keep your lips soft, supple, and comfortable.

  1. Anatomy of Lips:

To understand why lips are prone to dryness, it is important to understand the anatomy of lips. Lips consist of thin skin tissue that contains fewer melanocytes, oil glands, and sweat glands. The outer layer of the skin on the lips is very thin, which makes it prone to damage and dehydration. Additionally, lips lack a protective coating of hair, which makes them more vulnerable to the elements.

  1. Environmental Factors:

Environmental factors such as cold weather, wind, and sun exposure can harm your lips. Cold temperatures and low humidity cause moisture to evaporate from your lips, leaving them dry and cracked. Similarly, wind exposure can dehydrate your lips and lead to chapping. Lastly, exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can damage your lips, making them vulnerable to dryness and premature ageing.

  1. Habits:

Certain habits that we engage in can also contribute to dryness of the lips. Licking your lips might seem like a temporary solution to moisturise them, but it can actually make the problem worse. Saliva can cause irritation and dryness of the lips because enzymes in the saliva can break down the delicate skin tissue on the lips. 

  1. Treatment and Prevention:

To prevent and treat dryness of the lips, it's essential to take proper care of your lips and using our natural lip care will really help with this. This will keep them moisturised with natural plant ingredients and is free from synthetic chemicals or perfumes. You should also consider adding an SPF on top of the balm when outside, to protect your lips from the sun. Additionally, it is important to stay hydrated and avoid licking your lips.

Lips are prone to dryness because they lack oil and sweat glands and are exposed to environmental factors that can cause damage. However, by practicing healthy habits, such as moisturising and protecting your lips from the sun and avoiding unhealthy habits like licking your lips, you can keep your lips soft and supple. 

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