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Why Lip Balms are so Important in Winter

Why Lip Balms are so Important in Winter

If there is one thing that most of us will suffer with during the winter months, it is dry lips. This is because the lips are a very delicate part of the face with no sebaceous glands, so it is unable to produce lubricating oils that help to hydrate and comfort skin. During the winter months the cold air dries lips out and they need help to replenish the damage.

The reason why lip balms help so much in winter is because they create a barrier that protects the lips from the environment, and this includes the cold temperatures of winter. As well as their protective functions a good one like our Nakin Lip Treatment Balm contains lots healing and nourishing ingredients to hydrate and revive even the driest of lips.

The best way to protect lips during winter is to apply lip balm a few times a day, so there is always a stream of nourishment and a barrier layer protecting lips from further damage. The good thing about using a 100% natural lip balm like Nakin’s is that it is highly effective and long lasting, so does not need continuous reapplying like some lip products do. It also does not contain any synthetic ingredients, which means that it can be applied regularly without feeling like unnatural ingredients are being applied to the lips.

Our anti-ageing lip balm is filled with some of the best caring plant oils and butters to help rejuvenate even really dry and damaged lips. The hydrating and plumping formula includes softening castor oil, healing shea butter, protecting carnauba and beeswax, nourishing argan and baobab oil, plus plumping mint. These ingredients combine together to give lips everything that they need in a good lip balm for winter, and all year long.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about why lip balms are so important in winter. Many of us have such dry and sore lips during winter and we might not even realise. This is because it just becomes a normal part of day-to-day life, and we get so used to our lips being dry and irritated that we do not even notice.

At Nakin we do more than just offer a good lip product as we also have a complete range of natural anti-ageing skincare, which can be found at the links below. There is everything needed for a gorgeous natural skincare routine and all of the products are made in the UK and cruelty free. They all meet the same high-quality standards as our lip balm does, which can be seen from our numerous awards and five-star customer reviews. We have detailed product information online and are always available to give advice and recommendations on everything in the range.

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