Why Has My Face Cleanser Left My Skin Feeling Dry?

Why Has My Face Cleanser Left My Skin Feeling Dry?

At Nakin we develop all of our natural anti-ageing products to be hydrating, however, when it comes to cleansers even the most natural ones like ours can have a drying effect to some extent. This is because cleansers are designed to clear things away from our skin leaving it pure and clean.

After cleansing your skin should feel pretty clean, as the dead skin cells will have been cleared away to some extent and this then allows the products used afterwards to better condition skin, as they can more easily reach the newer skin cells. Using a good serum, and/or face oil and/or moisturiser like those in our Nakin range will then offer lots of benefits and hydration.

If you find that your cleanser is leaving your skin feeling dry, then we recommend using a natural one like those in our face cleanser collection. They are designed with much gentler cleansing ingredients than most face cleansers that are available, they also contain lots of hydrating ingredients for the face and neck. However, the nature of a cleanser can mean that they still leave your skin a little dry to some extent, especially if your skin is more of a dry skin type. After cleansing with a Nakin cleanser your skin should also feel soft, refreshed, and supple.

Good natural face cleansers are less drying to the skin compared to synthetic face products due to their inherent gentle ingredients and minimal use of harsh chemicals. Natural cleansers like ours contain plant-based oils, extracts, and essential nutrients that nourish the skin while effectively removing dirt and impurities. These ingredients work in harmony with the skin's natural oils, preserving its moisture barrier instead of stripping it away. On the other hand, synthetic cleansers frequently include artificial fragrances and aggressive surfactants, which can lead to dryness and irritation. Therefore, choosing natural products like Nakin's can promote healthier, more hydrated skin by maintaining its natural balance.

If you have dry skin then we tend to recommend the Advanced Cleansing Milk for cleansing, and the Rejuvenating Face Wash for oilier skin types, although both are made for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Another thing to remember with skin dryness after cleansing is the way that the cleanser is removed. If you use a cloth and it is quite a rough one, then this might contribute to your skin feeling dry, as it could have an abrasive effect. In this instance you could take the cleanser off with just water when in the shower or use just water in the sink for the face wash, or damp cotton wool for the cleansing milk.

Something else to bear in mind is that kind natural cleansers like our Advanced Cleansing Milk use plant ingredients to clear the skin, and as these are so gentle that it can struggle with some of the stronger make-up products, such as waterproof mascara. It should remove most mascaras but some of them can have pretty strong formulas with lots of staying power, so it might not remove all of your mascara in one use.

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