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Why Does the Skin Around the Eyes Get So Dry

Why Does the Skin Around the Eyes Get So Dry

At Nakin one of the queries that we often receive is how to help dry skin around the eyes. We are dedicated to producing hydrating natural skincare and our Eye Cream Complex is great for healing dry skin around the eyes, but it is good to understand why skin around the eyes can become so dry.

The skin around eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of the face, which makes it more delicate and prone to dryness and damage. This is also why skin around eyes is more likely to show signs of aging, such as wrinkles and dark circles.

There are a few other reasons for this. First, the skin around eyes has fewer oil glands than the rest of the face, so it is not as protected against dryness and environmental damage. Second, the muscles around the eyes are used more often than other facial muscles, which can contribute to lines and wrinkles.

To protect the delicate skin around eyes, it is important to use gentle cleansers and moisturisers like Nakin’s Face Products. The skin around the eyes also needs protecting with sunglasses and by applying sunscreen daily. Our lifestyle can also have a big effect as things like smoking, alcohol and a poor diet can dry your skin out, as well as having other negative impacts.

One of the common complaints that people have is that the skin around their eyes feels dry and irritated. There are a number of reasons why this can happen, but one of the most common is simply that the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than other areas of the face. This means that it is more susceptible to irritation and dryness.

If you suffer with dry skin around the eyes, then there are a few different things that you can do to help keep the skin around your eyes from getting too dry. First, make sure that you are using a gentle cleanser on your face every day like our natural cleansing milk, as this will not strip the skin and instead help to build moisture. Avoid using harsh scrubbing motions or strong cleansing products, as these can actually strip away natural oils from your skin and leave it feeling dry and irritated.

Next, be sure to apply a good natural eye cream like our Natural Anti-Ageing Eye Cream to the area every day. It contains some beautiful hydrating and conditioning ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalane and a natural peptide. These leave the skin around the eyes soft, smooth and hydrated. Hyaluronic acid is particularly good for hydrating skin around the eyes with its ability to trap and retain moisture in the skin. For best results apply the eye cream in both the morning and at night, to help keep the skin around your eyes looking its best and stop it from drying out.

We hope that you found our feature helpful if your skin around the eyes is feeling dry and irritated. If after this your skin is still causing distress, then seek medical advice in case there is an underlying medical condition that may be causing your dryness and irritation.

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