Why Does My Skin Look Pale & Dull?

Why Does My Skin Look Pale & Dull?

Sometimes when we look in the mirror or when we look at a photo of our self, we wonder why we look so much paler than usual and why our skin looks dull plus lacking in life. There are lots of reasons for this. Some of us are just more naturally paler than others and this is a beautiful look; but washed out skin and dullness is another story. We should also remember that we will always be paler in the depths of winter than we will in the height of summer. The other big component in having pale & dull skin is lifestyle factors and ageing. As we age our skin generally becomes more translucent and lighter. This is a natural process and Medilineplus explain this is because the number of pigment containing cells in our skin (melanocytes) decrease as we age, so we have less of them. However, the remaining melanocytes that we have increase in size over the years. This results in ageing skin looking thinner, paler and translucent. 

If you are finding that you look better in a darkened room, or in black and white photos, then it might be time to take action and revive your lack lustre skin. At Nakin we dedicate our work to producing high performance anti-ageing skincare that helps to improve signs of skin ageing and to repair skin. Our range will really help to give dull and pale skin a natural glow. There are also lots of other daily life factors that can really help to improve the look of dull and lacklustre skin. We should mention that our information here does not replace medical advice. If you see changes in skin colour, then always seek professional guidance. When you notice your skin being dull and pale it will usually be a very gradual process. When this happens the causes and solutions below may help to get glowing skin that looks fresh and energised.

Causes and Solutions for Dull & Pale Skin

If you are naturally pale it is a stunning look and at Nakin we always believe in embracing our natural looks. The paleness that we are talking about in this feature is the translucent look that occurs as we age as well as tired dull skin whatever the colour. Whatever our skin colour is, it is always nice to have fresh glowing skin without dullness.

  • As we age our skin can get noticeably paler and dull compared to our younger years. This can be counteracted with the best Anti-Ageing Skincare as powerful ingredients are able to help skin look as best as it can. Nakin’s range of anti-ageing treatments and creams help skin with that natural glow.
  • Dead skin cells are one of the main culprits of skin that looks dull, so slough them away with exfoliation and effective cleansing. Use our Advanced Cleansing Milk to exfoliate with a wet muslin cloth, massaging skin in small circles all over the face and neck. Follow cleansing with an anti-ageing toner like our Purifying Face Toner.
  • Dry skin can look dull and lifeless and it is often caused by skin not getting enough moisture. Support your skins moisturise with excellent natural face products that contain ultra-hydrating plant ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Nakin’s Eye Cream Complex, Active Dew Face Cream and Matt Formula Face Cream all provide long lasting moisturise for skin to prevent dehydration.
  • Our skin can also be dehydrated from the inside, so drink lots of water and ingest foods with natural fatty oils like omegas from avocado and nuts. Feeding skin on the inside as well as the outside is the best way to ensure optimum skin hydration and nutrition.
  • Stress is a big factor in how our skin looks as it increases our cortisol levels, which affects skin repair. Stress also has a dehydrating effect on skin as when we are stressed our body takes blood flow away from our skin and gives it to the muscles, so we can move out of stressful situations. Therefore don’t feel guilty about taking time to relax and doing things you enjoy.
  • If you are sleep deprived this causes skin to look washed out as skin cells repair themselves during sleep. Getting enough sleep is essential for so many things in our life, and it gives us the energy to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Ultraviolet rays from the sun really damage skin health and it accelerates skin ageing. So always protect skin from the sun’s rays when you are out. Help to correct past skin damage with a powerful anti-ageing face serum like our Performance Face Serum.
  • Air pollution causes dull skin because it negatively effects the way it works, so use a good protecting face moisturiser like Nakin’s Active Dew Face Cream and Matt Formula Face Cream where the long lasting formulas hydrate and shield skin from pollution.
  • If we are lacking in essential vitamins and minerals it is likely to show up on skin. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies make it harder for the body to function as well as it can, and deficiencies from minerals like Iron can leave skin looking pale and dull. Try to have a healthy balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Alcohol, smoking and sugar take nutrients from the skin and cause inflammation. So cut these out for a healthy fresh complexion.
  • Be careful about the products that you put onto your face and only use high quality Natural Face Products. Conventional synthetic toiletries and cosmetic creams plus make-up can be irritating and drying to skin. At Nakin we believe that using natural toiletries is much more effective for our skin and it does not put any strain on it as it works in harmony with the natural skin functions.
  • Dull skin can really benefit from a face massage to boost blood flow for a glowing complexion.  Carry out the massage with our Revitalising Face Oil which hydrates skin and nourishes the face with nutrients. Give dull lips a boost with our with our Lip Treatment Balm to awaken and beautify even the driest of mouths.

To find out more about Nakin and our award-winning natural anti-ageing skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com All of our high performing face care is kind even to sensitive skin. The range is made to help skin thrive and flourish and is cruelty free and made in the UK.

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