Why Dermatologists Love Peptides

Why Dermatologists Love Peptides


Peptides are a buzz word in beauty due to their ability to revive skin with their many anti-ageing benefits, and this is why dermatologists are big fans. At Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing we take it a step further and only utilise peptides in their most natural form, as we believe this gives skin the best chance of anti-ageing rejuvenation while being kind at the same time. Peptides have become an increasingly popular ingredient among dermatologists, as they offer a unique ability to improve the skin's overall appearance.

Unlike many traditional skin care products that have limited ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, peptides are able to actively reduce lines and wrinkles and can promote collagen production. This collagen helps make skin look more youthful and vibrant. Peptides can also help repair damaged skin cells due to external factors such as sun exposure or smoking, making them a powerful tool in the fight against ageing. Additionally, peptides are easily absorbed by the skin, allowing for quicker results with fewer applications over time. The combination of these qualities makes peptides a highly sought-after ingredient among those who wish to maintain their youthful complexion. By using peptide-infused treatments regularly, dermatologists use peptides to help their patients achieve a smoother, more even skin tone, without the need for harsh treatments or surgery. As peptides continue to rise in popularity, they are quickly becoming a top choice among dermatologists looking to provide their clients with long-lasting and effective skin care solutions.

However, there is no need to visit a dermatologist as at Nakin we use a beautiful botanical hibiscus peptide in our face treatments, and this appears in our Nakin Performance Face Serum plus Nakin Eye Cream Complex. Meaning that when used together the whole face, neck and eye area can be treated with this peptide to help to keep the face wrinkle free. The products also contain lots of other amazing plant extracts and we have a full range of cleansers, moisturisers, lip and eye care.

Peptides, a form of amino acids found naturally in the body, are also emerging as an alternative to retinol as they are less irritating to skin. This is especially so when using natural peptides like the ones in Nakin’s range. Peptides offer several more advantages over traditional forms of topical skin treatments; they are more stable than retinols and therefore less likely to break down and lose their effectiveness with contact to air or light. The molecules of peptides are also much smaller than those of retinoids, making them easier for the skin to absorb. Furthermore, peptides are far less irritating than retinoids, so it can be safely used on even sensitive skin types without fear of redness or irritation. Finally, peptides can rival retinol in helping to smooth lines on the face and stimulate collagen production which helps reduce wrinkles. For these reasons, peptides are becoming increasingly popular with beauty experts as an effective and safe alternative to retinol.

If you are looking for a skin care solution that is both effective and well tolerated, consider trying a peptide cream or serum. With twice daily use, you can expect to see improvements in your skin's tone, texture, and appearance within weeks of starting treatment.

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