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Why Choose a Natural Vitamin C Serum?

Why Choose a Natural Vitamin C Serum?

Vitamin C is one of the big buzz words in beauty, due to its ability to brighten skin, improve an uneven and patchy skin tone, plus help with collagen production. So, applying vitamin C to the skin sounds amazing, however, there are different forms of vitamin c in face products and many of the cosmetic products that are available contain synthetic versions, which can be irritating to our skin. We tend to associate the word vitamin with natural goodness, but this is not always the case as there are many different qualities of topical vitamins. At Nakin we recommend only applying natural food grown vitamins to the skin, as opposed to the chemically produced vitamin C which is in a lot of face care and especially vitamin C serum products, and can be irritating to skin.

Using topical vitamin creams can be likened to taking vitamin supplements. The cheaper supplements that contain synthetically produced vitamins will never in our opinion be as good as a supplement with vitamins derived naturally from food. This is because the later is much more bioavailable to our systems, plus works in harmony without causing any conflict in our natural biology. As humans we are organic creatures and our whole body and skin is really delicate, so we prefer to use ingredients that will not disrupt this.

At Nakin our Natural Vitamin Serum delivers nutrients to skin from natural plant sources. It uses the power of plants such as pomegranates and hibiscus extract which are naturally very rich in vitamins to revive skin, even skin tone and assist collagen production. It works in harmony with our skins natural biology to boost skin without any negative effects, so it is kind to skin including very sensitive skin. The natural ingredients that we use are all from sustainable suppliers, so it’s good to the environment too. Compare this to synthetic vitamin C which is mostly listed in the ingredients as ascorbic acid. This type of vitamin C is often made using fermented corn syrup, where the ascorbic acid is extracted using chemicals such as sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide. It’s not a nice thought and ascorbic acid is also harsh to skin and often causes irritation. We actually tested a product to see how it felt and it made our skin react badly. Our skin felt itchy and as though it was burning, so we had to quickly remove the product. This cannot be good for skin, whatever the longer-term benefits are meant to be. Therefore, at Nakin we only suggest using anti-ageing face serums made with naturally occurring vitamins such as our Nakin Performance Face Serum.

Benefits of Using a Natural Vitamin C Serum

There has been lots of research into the benefits of vitamin C to skin and we know that it is incredibly anti-ageing. The lovely thing is that a serum rich in natural vitamin C from plants will help resist signs of ageing, and repair past damage, but without any damaging effects to skin. At Nakin we dedicate all of our work to beautifying skin from the power of plants. We know the amazing effects that natural plant extracts can do for skin. This is especially true when included in a face serum. The lighter consistency of a face serum allow it to reach to the deeper levels of skin than a traditional face cream can. A face cream moisturiser will still benefit skin in other ways with nutrients, hydration and protection. But a serum can reach the newer skin cells in the face and neck. So, when a serum is used for a few months and these baby cells reach the surface of skin, they will be in excellent health. The nourishment they have received over the last few months will be apparent with a beautiful glowing complexion.

When natural vitamins are applied to skin topically in a product such as our Natural Face Serum it helps to improve skin naturally. Skin ageing issues such as lines, dullness and an uneven skin tone often happen as we age and is mostly caused from exposure to the sun over the years. If you are interested in looking into the underlying damage that your skin may have, then there are ways to find out more about the health of your skin and see damage that may not be visible. Some beauty therapists have machines that can assess and quantify various skin conditions that might be seen on the surface layer, but also damage that is much more concealed.

Vitamins such as vitamin C work so well on the skin as they are antioxidants, which means they help to shield against free radical damage. If you're not familiar with free radicals then they happen as a result of environmental stress to the skin, such as from the sun or pollution. This causes cellular damage to the skin which means that it cannot function at its optimum level and also speeds up the ageing process. Antioxidants fight this free radical intrusion and help to repair past damage.

The other result of a using a nutrient rich serum is an improvement in the skins dermis, by making sure that it is nice and strong from boosting collagen. Good serums can strengthen the structure and help to bolster skin by supporting the capillary walls. Strong skin means that it is more fresh, plump and toned.

Using a natural vitamin C face serum like our award winning Nakin’s Performance Face Serum provides skin with the holistic benefits of natural nutrients, without the risks of putting synthetic ascorbic acid onto the face and causing significant irritation. At Nakin we only believe in achieving glowing skin through natural beauty methods. That’s why our full range of anti-ageing skincare contains the best plant actives available to get beautiful skin naturally. Find out more about Nakin at www.nakinskincare.com Our full range is cruelty free and made in the UK.

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