Which Step Should I Use Eye Cream In?

Which Step Should I Use Eye Cream In?

Most of us know the products that belong in a good face care routine, but we might not be so sure on when to use them and in which order. One of the products that we get a lot of queries about when to use is our Eye Cream Complex. It’s not that our Eye Cream Complex has any widely different requirement or directions to other eye creams, but most of us would like to know exactly when to use it, and if it is before or after a face serum, face oil and moisturiser. At Nakin we keep our natural skincare range as simple as possible as we do not believe in using masses of products and following a complex skin regime. Simply because our skin does not need either of these. Continue reading to find out more about the right place to use an eye cream in a skin routine.

Our eyes are an area of our face that tend to show signs of ageing the quickest, and so it benefits from really good care. Our Eye Cream Complex offers just that with its natural anti-ageing ingredients that helps to hydrate, smooth lines, energise and rejuvenate. We recommend using our eye cream after cleansing has completely finished and then during the treatment phase or before moisturising. So, after cleansing you could apply eye cream then, or use your serum and/or face oil before the eye cream. Either way the eye cream always comes before using a moisturiser. This is because it is best to work from the thinnest consistency to the thickest consistency when it comes to applying face products. A good face cream moisturiser like ours will also provide an invisible protective coating, and so applying an eye cream before a moisturiser means that the potent actives are able to reach into the skin cells well enough.

One important point to mention about applying eye cream is not to worry about overlap between products. It is important to use a lightweight eye cream like ours that is packed with skin boosting natural nutrition, but will not weigh the delicate skin down around the eyes. There will no doubt be some overlap of eye cream and other products like serum, oil and moisturiser but this is fine as it will take place in the skin around the eyes, which is not close to the skin closely surrounding the actual eye, such as the top of the cheeks. This area of the face is thicker than the more delicate skin immediately around the eyes, so it can take layers of products. This area is also prone to lots of wrinkles, and often deeper wrinkles. So, applying multiple treatments and moisturisers here should be a benefit to this area.

We hope that you have found this post useful about which step to use an eye cream in. This is a common query and one that we should check from time to time as modern skincare science is always evolving. Find out more about us and our anti-ageing face products online at www.nakinskincare.com

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