Which Moisturiser is Good for Oily Skin?

Which Moisturiser is Good for Oily Skin?

If you have oily skin, then you will want to find a moisturiser that is right for you and leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated but without greasiness. Oily skin still gets dehydrated and needs the right type of moisturiser to hydrate and nourish, while not overwhelming skin. In our opinion the right moisturiser for oily skin and every skin type will always be a natural one. Natural skincare is designed to work in harmony with our delicate biology to bring out the natural beauty of our complexions. At Nakin we have fantastic natural moisturisers and the one that we recommend for oily skin is our Matt Formula Face Cream. It is for oilier skin types but also normal, combination and sensitive skin, plus those that prefer not to have too much of a dewy finish.

The key to finding the right moisturiser for oily skin is to look for one that is non-greasy and noncomedogenic. Many people think that if they have oily skin then they need an oil-free product that does not contain any oils, as oil can clog pores and cause acne. However, this is a misconception as not oils are pore clogging, and the high-quality ones that we use such a jojoba oil are actually very balancing to oily skin, and help to correct any excessive oiliness. The trick is to find a moisturiser like ours that has high quality plant ingredients that do not block your pores and allows skin to breathe.

In addition to looking for a moisturiser that has specific ingredients designed to help control excess oil production and balance out your complexion, it is also important to offer skin hydration without being greasy. One of the great ingredients for this is hyaluronic acid and this is why we use it so much in our anti-ageing face products.

At Nakin our oily skin moisturiser is packed with so many ingredients that are really beneficial to all skin types and includes plumping cassia, smoothing glyecrin, antioxidant grape seed oil and calming aloe vera. They help oily skin in the same way they help all skin types - with intense nourishment and conditioning, plus protection from environmental stressors.

Some common ingredients associated with good oily skin care include seaweed and witch hazel and we use these in our cleansing and treatment products. As well as using face products with the right ingredients we recommend steering clear of some synthetic ingredients that can throw skin off balance. Common ingredients that are marketed for oily skin includes salicylic acid and glycolic acid, but we are not fans of these as they can be irritating to skin.

By choosing a good moisturiser suited to oily skin you can keep your complexion balanced and nourished without sacrificing its natural moisture levels. Instead skin is left happy and healthy. We recommend using our Matt Formula Face Cream twice daily in the morning and evening after cleansing and treatments. It does not contain SPF as it is suitable for morning and evening use, so always apply SPF afterwards where needed.

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