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Which Face Cream is Good for Normal Skin?

Which Face Cream is Good for Normal Skin?

Of all the skin types that tend to be forgotten about ‘normal skin’ is probably always going to be the one. It is seen as the holy grail of skin types, the one that always look perfect and never has any issues or extremes. But finding the right face cream is still very important to keep skin in optimum health and looking and feeling lovely. This is where Nakin can help with our natural face creams that are made using the best plant ingredients that are never oily or drying, and normal skin types love.  

Even if your skin is perfectly normal it is likely to show signs of other skin types some of the time, in certain areas of the face, or at certain times of our life. Our face creams are designed to balance out any oily or dry areas and are easily absorbed by the face and neck but with long lasting protection. At Nakin all of our natural skincare works beautifully for normal skin due to the carefully picked ingredients. We use high quality plant actives and extracts in all of our face products including our face creams and we use ones that are not oily or drying. Instead they work beautifully with skin to enhance the natural function and health.

When choosing the best face cream for normal skin, it's important to consider both the ingredients and the effects they will have on your skin type and this is what we do at Nakin. Our face creams are gentle enough to use daily but powerful enough to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

The key to our products is the natural and nourishing ingredients that won't cause irritation or breakouts. Our moisturisers feature hydrating oils such as jojoba and argan oil which help to create a protective barrier on the skin while locking in moisture. Additionally, natural actives like hyaluronic acid and cassia that are hydrating plus calming agents that help soothe redness or dry patches. The formulas are also rich in vitamins which are beneficial for normal skin as they help protect against free radical damage, which can result in premature ageing.

Ultimately, our face creams not only moisturise and nourish your skin but also meets your specific needs. If you like a more matt product and your skin leans to the oily side then our Matt Formula Face Cream is the best choice. If you prefer a more dewy finish and sometimes get dry areas then our Active Dew Face Cream would be best. Both are non-greasy and suitable for combination and sensitive skin too.

Additionally, we feel it is important to avoid certain potentially irritating ingredients like mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and parabens that can disrupt the skin.

With Nakin healthy and hydrated skin is possible no matter what your skin type as we use such amazing ingredients in our natural anti-ageing skincare products. Our high-quality natural skincare gives immediate results which continue over the weeks and months.

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