Which Cleanser Should I Use After My Make Up Remover?

Which Cleanser Should I Use After My Make Up Remover?

There really is a lot of different types of face cleansers around and so it is no surprise that we get so many queries about which one to use and when. We often hear how customers are using a make-up remover and then unsure on the next cleansing steps after this.

One thing that we would say is that with whatever cleanser you use, we always recommend using a natural one like Nakin's as we believe that this is the kindest way to cleanse the face and neck. We know that it has become very common to use a micellar water now, however, we are not fans of them as they can be very strong for skin on the face and neck. With make-up removal we usually recommend using an oil based cleanser like our Nakin Advanced Cleansing Milk as these easily melt away make-up, as well as daily grime and SPF. Our Nakin Revitalising Face Wash will also remove make-up and so you can use this if you prefer to.

When working out which cleansers to use it is a good idea to think about what you really need for your skin. We have listed our cleansers below to help you decide which one is best to use.

We have four cleansers that are in the range as below. For make-up removal normally we would recommend the cleansing milk, which is a gentle oil-based cleanser, and as it is lovely and comforting to skin. Or if you have a cleanser that is already doing a great job of removing make-up and daily then you might want to use the toner as a double cleanse afterwards, or the exfoliator for a deep cleansing renewal treatment. The face wash gives a really thorough cleanse and is non-drying, but the nature of a foaming cleanser makes it not as hydrating as the cleansing milk.

  • Begin your routine with our Advanced Cleansing Milk or Rejuvenating Face Wash. The milk is an oil-based cleanser that cleanses the face while hydrating and comforting at the same time with the hyaluronic acid and the plant cleansing and conditioning extracts. The wash gives more of a thorough cleanse if you prefer to use a foaming cleanser.
  • You could then follow with our Purifying Face Toner if desired as a double cleanse and toning treatment, or if you do not use a toner then ensure the milk is thoroughly removed with damp cotton wool, a cloth, or when in the shower.
  • For your evening routine, or as required, use our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic which is a powerful renewal treatment with fruit AHAs. It is great for an uneven skin tone, plus lines and wrinkles as it is a powerful anti-ager.

We hope that this helps in knowing which cleanser to use before and after make-up removal. Cleansing is such an important step in our facial routines, and it is worth taking the time to get it right. Find out more about our cleansers and full routine online at www.nakinskincare.com

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