What Your Skin Is Trying to Tell You

What Your Skin Is Trying to Tell You

Our skin is the outermost organ, so the way it looks is often a sign of our overall health. We can use the best skincare in the world like Nakin’s which will have a dramatic effect on the way skin our skin looks, however, it is not always enough. Sometimes our skin can tell us more about health and what we can do to improve it. This feature in no way replaces medical advice and some skin issues are inherited, but if you notice something has changed in your skin, or it is not looking its best, then it might be giving you a sign to improve your lifestyle.

We are going to say that whatever your skin issue is it can be improved with a better diet, our gut health is intricately linked to the rest of our body, including our skin. So avoid processed foods and opt for nourishing natural goodness. Many vegetables contain special compounds that help healthy gut bacteria to grow. Fruits and vegetables are also filled with masses of vitamins that are super beneficial to our skin. This is true for everyone; however our skin looks and feels. There are also some more unique skin issues that might benefit from more targeted help, as discussed below.

Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin differs from dry skin as it is a condition, rather than something we are born with. It can occur at any time and if your skin is dehydrated it will have lost its plumpness and look uncharacteristically dry. If you have dehydrated skin, then make sure you are drinking enough water and increase the amount of good fats that your skin receives internally and topically. Use plant oil based skincare like Nakin’s Face Range, which is full of skin nourishing omega oils, plus increase the omegas in the diet with foods like avocado and nuts.

Sensitive Skin

Many of us suffer with sensitive skin and it is probably the most common skin concern. We believe that one of the biggest causes of sensitive skin is from some of the ingredients found in synthetic skincare products, such as retinol and vitamin C. At Nakin we believe in using natural skincare like our range instead, as it is much kinder to skin without the risk of irritation.

Dull Skin

Dull skin is common and tends to happen as we age. There are some easy hacks to quickly improve the look of dull skin. One is exfoliating which removes a build-up of dead skin cells. Using our Anti-Ageing Cleansing Milk and removing it with a damp luke warm muslin cloth is perfect for this. Then give your skin some special care with facial exercises and massage. Our Anti-Ageing Face Oil is the perfect accompaniment for a massage. Facial massage and exercise tones skin plus improves blood flow and increases the supply of nutrients to skin, for a healthy glowing complexion.

Droopy Eyelids & Dark Circles

In today’s fast paced society many of us are lacking sleep. It often shows up on the face as droopy eyelids and dark circles, plus might be accompanied by dryness around the eyes and cheeks. Sleep is the time that our system repairs itself, so it is worth making it a priority in the day.


This could be from a number of causes, but one thing to consider is the number of internal stressors consumed from things like alcohol, sugar and gluten. An overload of these can cause inflammation which may show up as redness on the skin. If it is not possible to cut them out, then try to reduce consumption and think about some healthier alternatives.

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