What to Use Instead of Elemis

What to Use Instead of Elemis

Elemis is a favourite skincare brand of many for daily face products, plus salon and at home facials. The products are good quality with high performing ingredients, however, if you are looking for a brand to use instead then why not try Nakin’s Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare. Lots of people are using it instead of Elemis, as it is a much more affordable and natural option. Read on to find out why it is becoming a preference for Elemis customers.

Nakin’s award-winning natural anti-ageing face products offer so much to the face and neck as they are made with the finest botanical extracts available. We have a similar philosophy to Elemis who believe in delivering proven results with feel-good skincare products. This is exactly how we feel about beauty products and why we use natural actives to improve skin, which is particularly suited to those wanting an anti-ageing routine. Nakin’s carefully prepared formulations use natural ingredients such as hibiscus, cassia, seaweed, pomegranate, argan and baobab oil, plus hyaluronic acid. These have been chosen because of their exceptional ability to enhance the look and functioning of skin.

  • For daily facial cleansing that removes impurities, SPF, lip, eye plus face make-up our Natural Anti-Ageing Advanced Cleansing Milk is a beautiful oil based milky lotion, that is massaged onto skin and when wiped away it clears and softens at the same time.
  • After using the milk cleanser apply our Natural Anti-Ageing Purifying Face Toner which has a mild aromatic spa like scent that instantly revives skin on application. It leaves skin feeling cleaner, smoother and hydrated.
  • Our treatments follow cleansing, starting with our Natural Anti-Ageing Performance Face Serum that improves skin texture with its peptide formula to smooth out lines and wrinkles and plump the cells, with the moisture rich anti-ageing formula.
  • Follow the serum with our Natural Anti-Ageing Revitalising Face Oil which quickly calms and nurtures dry, sensitive and stressed skin with its intense nourishment and exquisite feel.
  • The Natural Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Complex is a hard-working multi-functional eye cream. It has the same peptide formula as the serum to smooth lines and crow’s feet, plus brighten dark areas and reduce puffiness.
  • Following the eye cream pick one of our ultra-hydrating and conditioning face creams, to seal in all of the goodness and protect the face and neck from the cold and pollution. We have the Natural Anti-Ageing Matt Formula Face Cream formulated for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin. Then there is our Natural Anti-Ageing Active Dew Face Cream for dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin. The formulas are rich in nutrition but easily absorbed due to the silky light consistency.
  • Finish your face care steps with the Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Lip Treatment Balm which is a cult favourite, that heals all types of lip issues with the buttery soft formula.

If you are looking for a skincare brand to use instead of Elemis, then we hope that you like the sound of Nakin’s face products. Our range is ethically made in the UK and offers high quality face products at excellent value. Find out more about us online at www.nakinskincare.com

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