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What to do When Your Lips are Very Dry

What to do When Your Lips are Very Dry

At Nakin we get a lot of customers contacting us as they have very dry lips and are wondering if our Lip Treatment Balm can help. Our answer is always that yes it can help a lot, as it is made with some of the best healing plant ingredients around, that work wonders on dry lips.

Lips can become very dry due to a variety of factors, such as environmental conditions and lifestyle choices. In particular, exposure to drying wind or cold temperatures can cause lips to become dry and cracked, as the extreme elements strip away moisture from the skin. Additionally, as our lips are in constant use they are liable to dehydration which exacerbates the dryness of lips. Ultimately, it is important to take steps towards protecting your lips against these external causes in order to keep them moisturised and healthy. Using good natural lip care like ours is an excellent way to hydrate and nourish them. Furthermore, avoiding harsh lip products that contain ingredients like fragrances and parabens should also be beneficial in keeping your lips hydrated.

Applying our emollient balm regularly will help to overcome even very dry lips. It is a moisturising product that contains occlusive agents and beeswax that can help to seal moisture in the lips and prevent them from becoming dry. With proper care and attention, you can keep your lips feeling soft and comfortable.

Our lip balm is designed to help hydrate and protect your lips from environmental factors such as wind, sun and cold. It nourishes the skin on the lips deeply to instantly heal and hydrate, plus the natural waxes form a barrier on the lips, locking in moisture and helping to keep them soft. The texture of our lip balm is luxurious and long-lasting, plus helps to create a protective layer over the skin, preventing it from drying out too quickly.

The balm is made with a unique blend of natural plant oils, butters and waxes including argan oil, shea butter and jojoba wax. These ingredients act in unison to soothe the dryness while creating a protective barrier that locks in moisture. The balm also contains nourishing vitamin E to further aid in keeping your lips soft and hydrated. With regular use, you'll notice less flaking and chapping, as well as more plump and healthier looking lips. Perfect for those who experience dryness on a daily basis. Additionally, our formula does not contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, making it gentle enough to use every day.

Additionally, our lip balm also includes other humectants like baobab oil which draw moisture into the skin and help it retain its natural hydration levels. Our lip balm can be used throughout the day and night due to its natural kind formula. The luxurious balm ensures lasting protection throughout the day. Applying our lip balm regularly helps to maintain a healthy level of hydration for your lips will also provide anti-ageing benefits, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With regular use, you will find that your lips will be much smoother, softer and healthier looking.

By adding lip balm to your beauty routine, you’re taking an important step in keeping your lips healthy and hydrated, which must seem like a dream if you have very dry lips. For best results, apply lip balm throughout the day and at night to keep moisture levels up and help protect from environmental stresses.

This is just one of our anti-ageing face products, and you can find out all you need to know about Nakin at www.nakinskincare.com

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