What Should I Do When My Skincare Brand Changes Its Formulas?

What Should I Do When My Skincare Brand Changes Its Formulas?

At Nakin one of the common messages that we receive is about trusted skincare brands changing their formulas, and about how they have switched to Nakin’s Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare as an alternative. It is quite a common occurrence because what tends to happen is that these once independent ethical natural skincare business are sold to bigger companies. The focus then switches to become about making as much money as possible and so the formulas are changed with more affordable ingredients.

At Nakin it means a lot to us that customers trust us when switching from a different skincare brand and we love that we are able to help in this way, and offer such high-quality natural anti-ageing face products. We have everything needed in a face product range with cleansers, exfoliation, serums, moisturisers, plus lip and eye care. Everything has been developed to be kind to skin and is free from those unwanted ingredients like artificial fragrance, parabens, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulphate, EDTA and lots of other unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

We have lots of customers that have switched to Nakin from the bigger brands and are very happy, it is usually because our products are more natural and affordable. We are shocked when we see the prices of some facial skin products and even more shocked when we look at the ingredients and see that the formulas do not justify the cost in any way. Often these luxurious feeling cleansers and creams are filled with synthetic moisturisers to give them a hydrating feel, without the benefits to the face and neck.

Sometimes customers find that our products feel and smell differently to some of the bigger brands. This is because as we do not use ingredients like synthetic silicones and PEGs that have a silky cocooning feel, and instead we prefer to fill our products with as much plant ingredients as possible that actually benefit skin. We also use less natural fragrance than most brands as it can be sensitising, and again has no actual beauty benefits.

We do still have gorgeous natural products though, which can be seen from our hundreds of five-star product reviews. Our products more than rival the bigger brands when it comes to the use of plant actives and extracts. The consistency of our products is light and not too thick for creams but offer long-lasting skin goodness. They are easily absorbed into the skin, and we have something for all skin types.

At Nakin we are also often asked to recommend other brands, for products such as body care. Unfortunately, we are not able to help here as we have not found any brands that we like enough to recommend. At Nakin we have a very strict ingredients policy and also believe in ethical pricing by making our products accessible. We have found that purchasing these two combinations and a product that works is much rarer than it should be.

So, if your skincare brand has changed and you are looking for a great alternative then why not try our Nakin face products range.

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