What’s New in Beauty

What’s New in Beauty

The nice thing about beauty is that it is an ever-evolving area, and there is always lots of exciting new trends for using products. The last year has been one like never before, and so it is no surprise that we are looking at our beauty regimes differently. The technology world is also moving faster than ever before, and beauty is experiencing a huge movement in this area. Take a look at the newest beauty movements at the moment.

As we evolve at such fast rates, the natural skincare industry is poised to see several exciting trends that cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products. One major trend is the incorporation of microbiome friendly ingredients, which are plant-derived ingredients known for their skin health properties, and is one of the reasons why we use so many plant ingredients in our face care formulations. Good flora and fauna for the skin is prized for their ability to enhance the skin's resilience and overall health. This approach helps to keep skin stress free and improve conditions such as acne, eczema, and sensitivities by restoring the skin's balance and enhancing its natural defences and helping the skin to maintain its natural microbiome.

Another prominent trend is the rise of artificial intelligence in skincare for diagnosis and advice, although at this stage we believe that the human mind is a better option.

Lastly, the use of sustainable packaging continues to grow and at Nakin we have increased our use of bio-plastic made from sugar cane. We are still surprised how much lavish and glitzy packaging that there is out there, and at Nakin we prefer a simple minimal approach that is clean and easy to use.

This year will see an increased focus on natural, sustainable, and innovative skincare solutions that benefit both consumers and the planet. Artificial intelligence is starting to play a huge role in beauty for those that want to use it.

We have also listed five of the other key trends at the moment below:

  1. Skin Minimalism

The top trend at the moment is still skin minimalism, which is one that we love and can totally get onboard with. It is looking like to be the trend of the year. Skin minimalism is all about simplicity and purity in beauty, which is exactly what Nakin believe in. Clean Skincare that is easy to use and understand, plus has exceptional results is what Nakin is all about. Our face care products are made with amazing plant extracts to help skin to look as good as it can naturally. The results are so good in fact that many people find they do not need to wear as much make-up, and feel happier plus more confident in their skin. To us the best skincare products are the simplest and packed full of natural ingredients that all skin types love. We also do not believe in having a huge confusing range of skincare. Instead Nakin’s range of products are all amazing multi-taskers, and work on lots of skin requirements simultaneously.  

  1. Beauty Gadgets

One of the other huge trends this year is the rise in beauty gadgets. You only have to spend some time on Instagram to see you this, it feels like there is a new one on the market every week. Some of the massage ones do look fantastic, as we know that massage has great benefits to skin. There are so many more such as radio frequency and micro current technology, cellular stimulation, LED masks, micro needling and vibrating cleansing machines. There is definitely something for everyone and catering to all budgets.

  1. Sunshine in Bottles

We have all needed a lift over the last year and this is where beauty products can help. One of our favourites is anything that gives some sunshine in a bottle. We have noticed more products on the market that do this, such as tan enhancers and floral perfumes.

  1. Home Pampering

This has been the year of home pampering as more and more of us look for budget friendly options to look and feel good. Nakin’s range of face care offers a lovely way to treat your skin to a hydrating and conditioning facial, all in the comfort of your own home. 

  1. Shopping Online

More of us than ever before are enjoying shopping online. These days shopping online is a super easy pleasant experience, and a way to get gorgeous beauty products to our doorstep. One of the great things about online shopping at a UK beauty store like Nakin’s is that all of our reviews are from verified customers, so you can see how real customers use and enjoy the products. We love reading our customer reviews and how great our anti-ageing skincare works for them. Thank you for shopping online with us!

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