What is the Correct Order to Apply Skincare Products?

What is the Correct Order to Apply Skincare Products?

One of the most frequent questions that we receive at Nakin is about the correct order to apply our face products, and it is important as it means that we can get the most out of them. Here is our recommended order to apply your skincare for clear, nourished and protected skin.

1. Start by cleansing and toning to clear away grime and make-up, plus prepare skin to better absorb the actives in treatments applied afterwards.

2. After cleansing apply serum, which is the most anti-ageing product in a skin routine and can then work its magic in the skin layers, for the best rejuvenation.

3. Next on the list is face oil to calm and condition skin with omega oils and nutrients, the oil can then seep into skin cells for the ultimate glow.

4. Always apply an eye cream as this delicate area of the face needs a light springy product, which is filled with hydrating and reviving ingredients.

5. Now is time for a face cream to nourish, hydrate and protect skin, plus seal in all the moisture and goodness of the oil and serum.

6. Finish with a nurturing & plumping lip balm for super soft lips.

Sometimes we read about different skin layering recommendations, such as applying a face oil after a face moisturising cream, instead of before as we recommend. However, this is not something that we feel is best at Nakin, as a good face cream will provide an invisible barrier to skin to prevent moisture loss and protect skin from things like pollution. So, it means that the face oil is not able to seep into the cells in the way that it can when applied before a moisturising cream.

As you will see from our list it contains quite a lot of steps but does not necessarily mean that every step should be followed, as we know lots of customers prefer to use less skincare products in their routine, such as not using both a serum and face oil. We also did not mention exfoliation, which is important for great skin, as long as it is conducted gently. Our Advanced Cleansing Milk acts as a great exfoliator when removed with a damp muslin cloth and we suggest exfoliating after applying a cleanser, and before toning.

At Nakin we have everything needed for a face care routine and applying our products in the right order is really beneficial to skin and helps to get the most out of the products. You can find out more about our brand and products in the links below. Everything in our range is made in the UK and cruelty free.

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