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What is Skin Flooding?

What is Skin Flooding?

These days there seems to be a new skincare trend every week, so many in fact that it is hard for even us to keep up. But often when we look into these viral trends we find that actually they are just a different name for an already well established part of a skincare regime. The most recent one that we heard about is a process called ‘skin flooding’ and as the name suggests it involves hydrating the skin.

Skin flooding is really just layering face products onto the face and neck to give skin the ultimate hydration. It is often carried out when skin is still damp to further increase the moisture retained in the skin. So to carry out skin flooding with Nakin’s products we recommend cleansing with our natural cleansers, then applying our natural treatments including the serum, eye cream and face oil, and then following with one of our face moisturisers, including our lip treatment balm. This will give skin the optimum hydration and rejuvenation to leave it feeling soft, silky and cocooned with goodness.

One thing we will say about it is that we are not keen on using the word flooding, as it sounds like the aim is to put an excess amount of facial products on and literally flood the skin with the toners, lotions and creams. However, we would suggest that unless the product is a mask and designed to be applied fairly thickly, this could just end up being a very expensive way to use up your skincare quickly. Good skincare like Nakin’s natural anti-ageing range contains masses of high quality plant ingredients, but it does not need to be applied thickly to work its magic. Skincare is there to assist in the normal natural functioning and this is why we believe in natural face products, as they do not cause the disruption that many face care can.

Our other feelings on this is that this method has been around for a long time, as we have been layering our skin with hydrating and facial conditioning products for decades. It sounds like a pretty standard anti-ageing or hydrating facial regime that many of us follow in the morning and evening. Lots of us have a well-established process for our skincare where after cleansing we begin layering goodness into our skin with the likes of hyaluronic acid serums, oils and face creams. It is also similar to the Korean beauty method of layering lots of hydrating essences and treatments onto the face and neck. So if skin flooding is really just a new term for the routines that we are already following then we are all aboard with it, as it really helps to layer high quality natural skincare onto the face and neck for the best rejuvenation and protection.

We hope that we have demystified the new viral skin flooding trend. It is good to know that it is actually something which most of us are doing everyday without even realising. Find out more about us and our products online at www.nakinskincare.com  

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