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What Is Cosmeceutical Skincare?

What Is Cosmeceutical Skincare?

Cosmeceutical skincare can be thought of as the high-tech section of the skincare world, where products such as Nakin’s contain high performing ingredients that are known to improve skin. At Nakin we are different to most cosmeceutical ranges as we use natural ingredients, because we feel these work most in harmony with our skin. Our natural anti-ageing skincare is packed with amazing plant ingredients to help with all sorts of skin concerns such as dehydration, dullness, lines, pigmentation, and an uneven skin tone.

Cosmeceutical Skincare: The Perfect Blend of Science and Beauty

Cosmeceuticals have been taking the beauty industry by storm, promising to deliver both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits for the skin. But what exactly are cosmeceuticals? Are they just another fancy marketing term or do they actually work?

Understanding Cosmeceuticals

The term "cosmeceutical" was coined by blending two words - cosmetic and pharmaceutical. This hybrid category of skincare products lies somewhere between cosmetics and drugs, hence the name cosmeceuticals. These products are formulated with active ingredients that have medicinal or drug-like properties to improve the appearance and health of the skin.

The Science Behind Cosmeceuticals

Unlike traditional cosmetics, cosmeceutical ingredients undergo rigorous research and testing to prove their effectiveness. They contain higher concentrations of active ingredients that are able to penetrate deeper into the skin, making them more potent than regular skincare products.

Cosmeceuticals also target specific skin concerns such as ageing, acne, hyperpigmentation, and many more. This is because they are designed to work at a cellular level, addressing the root cause of various skin issues.

Moreover, cosmeceuticals are formulated with ingredients that have been scientifically proven to deliver results. In our natural skincare this includes antioxidants, AHAs, peptides and hydrators. These powerful compounds have been extensively studied for their efficacy in improving skin health.

Benefits of Using Cosmeceuticals

The benefits of using cosmeceuticals go beyond just improving the appearance of the skin. They can also help in treating and preventing various skin conditions, making them a go-to choice for many skincare enthusiasts. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Visible improvements in skin texture and tone.
  • Reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing.
  • Brighter, more radiant complexion.
  • Decrease in acne breakouts and blemishes.
  • Increased hydration and moisture retention in the skin.
  • Improved overall skin health and resilience.

We hope that you have found our feature helpful about cosmeceuticals. It is nice to be able to talk more about them and explain a little more about what it means. If you are looking for natural cosmeceuticals then we hope that you can give our natural anti-ageing face products a try. We use some of the best natural plant ingredients available to help to improve skin on the face and neck in all sorts of ways. We have a full range of cleansers, treatments, moisturisers, lip and eye products, so we can help with whichever face product you are looking for. Our range is made in the UK and Leaping Bunny registered, as we only believe in making ethical skincare. Find out more about us online.

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