Victoria Beckham’s Daily Skincare Routine

Victoria Beckham’s Daily Skincare Routine

Victoria Beckham has great skin, and it seems to ageless plus actually get better with age. Of course, we know that she is a celebrity and likely to have all sorts of amazing treatments, such as regular facials and massages. However, her skin looks fabulous and so when we saw her discussing her daily routine on Instagram, we were naturally intrigued. We listened to her full routine and have summarised it as below.

Victoria filmed her skincare sequence in New York and advised that she had just cleansed her face. Her skin looks better than ever and this is normal after using high quality face cleansers such as those in our Nakin range. Cleansers have the power to transform the way our skin looks, as they clear away build-up and even dead skin cells, to reveal a brighter more glowy complexion. Good cleansing also allows the serums and creams applied afterwards to better reach the skin cells.

Victoria explained that she had just cleansed her face and also confirmed that she has no make-up on at all. She then explained that the skincare routine she is showing us is one that she does every day.

Her first step is to take her serum and then pat it in all over the face and neck. What she loves about the serum is that it is not sticky. A great option for Victoria would be our Nakin Performance Face Seum, which is also a powerful serum but natural and not-sticky in anyway.

Victoria puts it all over my face and really pays a lot of attention to the eye area. A good serum does so many things and as well as being hydrating she has noticed a difference in the fine lines around her eyes. You should get the same effect with our Performance Face Serum which has a line smoothing hibiscus peptide within it. We always actually recommend using a proper eye cream for this delicate area, like our Eye Cream Complex which also contains the line smoothing peptide. Victoria spends a lot of time with the application of the serum onto her face, taking care to apply it to the whole face and neck. She finds that the serum feels great on her skin, and she really pushes the product into the skin, and which feels great on the skin and helps with any bloating that her face might have, such as from drinking wine.

After the serum she uses her rejuvenating moisturiser and again applies it to the face by pressing it into skin, and using an upward motion in a massaging action, always remembering to include the neck area. She loves the hydration and moisture with a lifting sensation. An alternative to this would be our Active Dew Face Cream for drier skin types, and Matt Formula Face Cream for oilier skin types.

Once she has finished applying the product she uses any excess on her hands, because she feels the hands are often forgotten about, and hands as well as the neck area are so important to our looks. Such a good idea.

We hope that you found it useful to read about Victoria Beckham’s skincare routine. We love how simple it is, and the fantastic results she gets. At Nakin all of our face products are natural and anti-ageing, and we hope that you can find out more about them online here.

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