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Create a Routine for Sensitive Skin on the Face

Create a Routine for Sensitive Skin on the Face

The secret to looking after sensitive skin on the face has three elements. Firstly, it comes from only using kind and gentle face products. Then it’s just as much about what you put onto your face as what you do not put on your face, so secondly avoid harsh chemical skincare and anti-agers. You can still use anti-ageing ingredients on sensitive facial skin, but use ones that are kind and natural with plant filled skincare such as Nakin’s Sensitive Skincare Range. It’s made with the very best plant ingredients to help even very sensitive faces to flourish and thrive. The last factor is to alter lifestyle measures such as diet. If you are dreaming of calm serene glowing skin, then look no further and follow our easy steps to achieving this.

Synthetic skincare products should be avoided as they often contain artificial fragrances, preservatives, and colourants that can trigger skin sensitivity. These chemical compounds can disrupt the skin's natural barrier, leading to irritation, redness, and allergic reactions. Additionally, the long-term use of synthetics can affect the skin's microbiome, making it more susceptible to sensitivity and other dermatological issues. It is crucial for individuals to understand their skin's needs and seek products with ingredients that promote health and balance.

3-Steps for Sensitive Skin on the Face

  1. Use only natural kind skincare like Nakin’s Face Products as these work in harmony with skin. They do not overload the face with harsh ingredients that might disturb the natural functioning of skin. Follow our routine below to help sensitive faces to flourish.
  2. Avoid using harsh anti-ageing ingredients on the face like retinol, vitamin C and AHA’s such as glycolic acid. These ingredients can cause sensitivity to skin on those of us that do not even have sensitive faces. For those of us with a sensitive complexion exfoliation is something that also needs to be carefully considered. At Nakin we use natural options such as our hibiscus peptide, vitamin rich plant oils and AHAs from fruit extracts. If your skin is extremely sensitive then we recommend not carrying out exfoliation of the face and neck more than once a week and only using a gentle exfoliation method, such as with a cleansing milk and muslin cloth.
  3. Feed skin from the inside with skin calming and nourishing food like a range of colourful fruit and vegetables filled with minerals and vitamins; especially A, B, C and E plus the omega 3 fatty acids as well as skin strengthening selenium and coenzyme Q10. Avoid foods that cause inflammation including processed foods, and those with high sugar and salt. Sometimes face sensitivity can be caused by an allergy to certain foods, so look for patterns in any issues to avoid this. Keep skin hydrated by drinking lots of good fluids like water and herbal tea to freshen and revive skin internally. This helps skin to function as best that it can.

Routine for Sensitive Skin on The Face

Begin by finding somewhere relaxing and where possible allow enough time to enjoy your face care regime. Having enough time to apply products also allows them to be thoughtfully applied, so no irritation occurs by manhandling skin. It’s pleasant in the evening to set-up the room with some nice music and a candle, then follow the routine steps below.             

  • The first step in a skin regime is to cleanse the face and neck with a cleanser made for sensitive faces like our Advanced Cleansing Milk. This will cleanse & comfort skin with the calming natural oils and the special seaweed extract. To exfoliate once a week remove the cleansing milk from the face with a damp warm muslin cloth, massaging skin in small circular motions on the face and neck. This is the only exfoliation that we recommend for sensitive faces, as anything more than this can cause irritation. Exfoliation is important in a face regime as it removes dead skin cells, which build up on skin and can cause dullness.
  • Follow cleansing with a soothing  toner to clean, purify and soften a sensitive face like our Purifying Face Toner. We know that some customers with sensitive skin will be unable to use a toning product, so if this is you then just remove the cleansing milk with damp cotton wool, or when in the shower. Using a cleansing milk and toner combination works better for sensitive faces over a face wash. This is because the foaming agents in a face wash can contribute to sensitivity. Some toners can be aggravating to sensitive faces, but this is only if they contain harsh cleansing and exfoliating ingredients. Toners are good for sensitive faces if the actives that they contain are natural, kind and enhancing.        
  • After cleansing and toning it is time to start layering on the treatment products that correct skin issues, heal, calm and smooth lines. Hydrate and revive very tired eyes using an eye cream that beautifies even irritated skin around the eyes and is packed full of powerful plant actives. Our Eye Cream Complex is kind and effective by helping with eye bags, dark circles, lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles for soft hydrated skin. It’s important to have a hydrating eye cream for sensitive faces as dry skin can cause irritation. Using a springy silky hydrating eye cream will prevent this.
  • Sensitive faces will still benefit from anti-ageing products, they just need to be kind to skin such as our Performance Face Serum which rejuvenates skin with potent plant ingredients, these are naturally full of enriching skin repairers and line smoothers. You may not get the same effects as you could from using harsh anti-agers such as retinol and vitamin C. However, as these are widely reported to cause sensitivity, we believe that some of these products are anti-ageing to skin in the long run, and best avoided. The discovery and use of natural plant extracts in anti-ageing skincare is now ultra-advanced and an excellent choice to keep sensitive faces fresh and youthful, without any side effects.
  • A natural face oil is the holy grace for a sensitive face as they calm and nourish skin. Always use a 100% natural product like our Revitalising Face Oil to boost and calm skin with a special glow-giving blend of peach kernel, baobab and argan. These amazing oils contain so many nutrients to soften, plump and revive skin. This is the ‘go to’ product if your face is extremely sensitive and cannot tolerate creams of any sort.
  • Sensitive faces really benefit from excellent natural moisturising, as the moisture and oils feed skin with nourishment. If you have more dry or normal sensitive skin then treat it to intense hydration and a beautiful long-lasting dewy glow with our Active Dew Face Cream. If your sensitive skin is oilier or you prefer a more matt look then moisturise skin with our Matt Formula Face Cream for outstanding nourishment and hydration.  
  • The last step in your sensitive face routine is to finish by treating lips with our Lip Treatment Balm It gives lips the best natural butters & oils to soften and nourish even the driest lips. Our lips do not contain as many layers as the rest of our skin, so they are prone to experiencing sensitivity, even if the rest of the skin is not as sensitive.

For individuals with sensitive skin, a minimalist yet effective skincare routine is paramount to maintaining a healthy, irritation-free complexion. Starting with a gentle cleanser can remove impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. A key step for sensitive skin types is the use of a moisturiser like ours that is rich in hydrators and hyaluronic acid, providing deep hydration without causing redness or discomfort. Lastly, irrespective of your skin type, applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 before going out in daylight is great in protecting sensitive skin from harmful UV rays and further irritation.

To find out more about Nakin and our face products suitable for sensitive faces then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Our sensitive skin products are made with the best natural ingredients to bring the best out in all of our complexions. The range is includes everything that you need for a face regime plus is all cruelty free and made in the UK.

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