The Importance of Your Skin Barrier

The Importance of Your Skin Barrier

Our skin barrier is so important to the health of our skin for lots of biological reasons, but also to the way our skin looks. This is because when it is impaired this damage can show up in all sorts of ways such as dryness, oiliness, irritation, redness, and general sensitivity. Most of us will be concerned about our skin barrier when we notice these negative effects show up, and they show up for two main reasons.

  • The skin barrier is a vital protective layer that regulates water loss, retains moisture, and protects the body from external agents.
  • When the skin barrier fails, it can lead to conditions such as irritation, sensitivity and breakouts.

Most of us will notice our skin barrier not functioning as well as the years go by. As we age, our skin becomes more vulnerable and requires extra care to maintain its youthful appearance. This is why it's crucial to use products that not only provide surface-level benefits but also strengthen and protect the skin barrier.

Our skin barrier acts as a shield against external aggressors such as pollution and harsh chemicals. When this barrier is compromised, our skin becomes more prone to dryness, irritation, and premature ageing. This is where natural and high-quality ingredients like the ones that we use at Nakin come into play.

Our products are formulated with the ultimate combination of amazing and unbeatable super plant actives. These powerful botanical extracts work together to enhance and rejuvenate the skin, while providing long-lasting protection against environmental stressors.

We believe that nature provides the best solutions for healthy and radiant skin, and our products reflect this belief. You can see all of our natural anti-ageing face products online at www.nakinskincare.com with everything needed in a skincare routine. If your skin barrier is in need of some care then we particularly recommend our Revitalising Face Oil, which provides intense nourishment, hydration and care to the face and neck.

Our range excludes many of the unwanted ingredients that are in so many skincare products such as silicones and synthetic fragrance. By using cruelty-free and paraben-free ingredients, we ensure that your skin is not only getting the best care but also doing it ethically and naturally. This means you can confidently use our products without the usual concern of harming animals, or our skin barrier with chemicals that are really strong for skin to accept, such as retinol.

We know that when it comes to skincare, trust and credibility are key. That's why our products have received awards and accolades from esteemed sources like Beauty Shortlist Editor’s Choice Award and Natural Health Magazine. You can trust that our products are of high quality and provide natural kind effectiveness.

The skin barrier is not something to be overlooked in your skincare routine. By using natural and high-quality products, you can strengthen and protect this vital shield for healthy and radiant skin. Choose our products with ingredients that improve the skin barrier and see the difference they can make.

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