The Importance of Skincare Before Makeup

The Importance of Skincare Before Makeup

If you want to get the best out of your make-up, then it really helps to prepare skin beforehand with good skincare products like Nakin’s. Fresh smooth clean and hydrated skin allows make-up to look better, and it also helps it to sit nicely on skin and provide a smooth base. If you have ever wondered why your make-up looks patchy and dry, then it might be more about your skin than your actual make-up. This is not always the case, as each make-up product has its own ability. However, if skin is not cleansed, nourished and hydrated well enough, then make-up can end up looking dry and patchy, and generally not great. The best way to prepare skin before applying make-up is with natural skincare products that are packed with long lasting skin actives and hydrators. It is also important not to use face products that are too rich or greasy, as this will result in make-up slipping off the face. See below for a lovely little skin prep routine before using make-up.

  1. Good cleansing is so important, as it removes grime as well as the build-up of dead skin cells on the face. Dead skin cells can cause dry areas and dull looking skin, which prevents make-up looking its best when applied. Our Natural Cleansing Milk is perfect for this. It is also important to exfoliate once a week, as this helps to even out any dry and bumpy patches. To exfoliate simply remove our cleansing milk with a lukewarm muslin cloth, using circular motions.
  2. Follow the cleansing milk with our sublime natural Natural Face Toner. It is like a double cleanse that freshens and tones skin, while clearing away any remaining traces of impurities.
  3. If you apply eye make-up, then having smooth hydrated skin allows it to better sit on the eye area. Our Natural Eye Cream helps with this as well as working to reduce dark circles, wrinkles and puffing.
  4. Next comes the treatments. The trick with applying treatments before using make-up is to only apply small amounts. You can rub the products in your finger pads to control how much you apply, and press on small amounts it. Start with our Natural Face Serum and then follow with the Revitalising Face Oil. They contain intense nutrition from the plant extracts and help to lock moisture into skin. Allow a couple of minutes for the products to sink in before moving onto the next step.
  5. The next step is to apply the moisturising face creams. Nakin’s face creams are really smoothing to skin and so you will not need an additional skin primer that some make-up brands recommend. For oilier skin types use our natural Matt Formula Face Cream for long lasting smooth hydration without greasiness. For dry skin types apply our natural Active Dew Face Cream. Both provide a gorgeous smooth non-greasy canvas to skin, which is perfect before applying make-up.
  6. Now move onto the lips, and whether you use coloured lip products or not, our Natural Lip Balm provides lips with sumptuous nourishment and hydration. Apply on its own for a subtle natural sheen, or as a moisturising base under lip products.

After this skincare routine your skin will be fresh and glowing, with a lovely smooth base to apply make-up onto. Your complexion may look so nice that you prefer to go bare faced and might not want to apply any make-up on top. In any event, we hope that you like our little skin preparation routine. To find out more about Nakin and our Anti-Ageing Skincare then take a look at our website.

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