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The Effect of Blue Light on Your Skin

The Effect of Blue Light on Your Skin

In today’s digital age we are affected by blue light more than ever and unfortunately it has a negative effect on our skin. Blue light is all around us from strip lighting, computer screens, phones and televisions. We tend to be really focussed on the damaging effects of other things such as UV rays and pollution, but we mostly forget about the consequences of blue light on our skin. It has become more noticeable in recent years because we tend to be using screens more than ever, as they become integrated into our daily lives and as home working rises. All those online business meetings also mean that we are seeing ourselves more and many people feel that since this has increased there has been a significant impact on the ageing of their skin.

At Nakin we produce anti-ageing skincare using the power of plants and it can really help skin with the effects of blue light. Blue light can have a range of damaging effects on skin by accelerating the skin ageing process from the free radical formation. The effects include the below:

  • Breaking down collagen and elastin
  • Contributing to lines, wrinkles and sagging
  • Causing inflammation
  • Having a negative impact on skin texture
  • Contributing to pigmentation
  • Causing increased sensitivity and irritation
  • Weakening the skin barrier

The skin damage caused by blue light is similar to that caused by UVA and UVB damage, so we need to prioritise protecting the skin from blue light damage in the same way that we do from the sun. At the moment though blue light therapy is not linked to cancer in the same way that sun damage is.

Blue light occurs naturally in sunlight and a small amount is good for us, plus blue light can also be used as a therapy for conditions such as eczema. The problem is that we are being overexposed to it, especially from the number of screens that we interact with, such as phones and tablets.

The problem with blue light is that it reaches deep down into the skin layers through to the dermis and even to the hyper dermis. This effects our collagen and elastin, which are so important for healthy bouncy skin. The high energy visible light is going into the dermis and disrupting skin health. It accelerates the ageing process by contributing to lines, pigmentation and changes to the skin look and texture. This is especially from the free radicals, as these harmful molecules are highly unstable and cause damage to skin.

The best way to minimise the damaging effects of blue light to our skin is to take action to defend it. We can protect skin from blue light damage by the following:

  • Using the best natural skincare filled with antioxidants to fight off free radical damage. This will mean that skin receives topical vitamins to calm, protect and rejuvenate.
  • Eating a diet that includes a rainbow of coloured fruit and vegetables to ingest antioxidants, they will fight off the free radical damage and calm the inflammation.
  • Using a good sunscreen in the day is always important and will also help to protect from the effect of blue light radiation.
  • Trying to minimise exposure to blue light as much possible by having screen free time and getting out in nature.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about the effects of blue light damage on skin. At Nakin our natural skincare is filled with some of the best plant extracts to calm, protect and rejuvenate the face and neck. Find out more about us below.

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