The Correct Order to Apply Skin Care Products

The Correct Order to Apply Skin Care Products

A question that we receive a lot at Nakin is what is the correct order to apply skin care products in. So, we thought we would write an article about it. The order to apply skin care products in can be somewhat down to personal preference, and it will depend on the actual products that you use and their individual directions. We have outlined the generally accepted routine amongst beauty experts for the best order to apply skin care products in. At Nakin we believe in looking after skin using the best natural anti-ageing skincare products like those found in our Nakin range. But this guide will apply to other brands and products too, unless they have specific unique directions. All the steps relate to both the face and neck and is best followed both morning and evening.

The Correct Order to Apply Skin Care Products On The Face

  • Step one on the list is going to be to remove your makeup skin and cleanse skin. This cleansing step is important, as clean skin is fresh and bright, plus it means that products applied afterwards can sink in and absorb properly. Our Advanced Cleansing Milk is the perfect anti-ageing face cleanser and packed with natural oils and extracts.
  • Step two is where exfoliation should take place, although we do not recommend this more than once a week, so for most morning and evenings you would go from step one to step three.
  • Step three is then going to be toning your skin, which acts as a double cleanse to deeply cleanse and prepare skin for the actives applied after toning. Properly cleansed and toned skin will be most receptive to the treatments applied afterwards, as there will not be a barrier of dead skin preventing the actives doing as good a job as possible. Some skincare brands call toners essences or concentrates and these can be quite similar, in that they may also detox and condition skin. For a soothing toner that cleans, purifies and softens skin use our Purifying Face Toner.
  • Step four is where we start applying treatments to our skin which includes either a serum or face oil, or both. The serum would come first as it will contain the most potent actives to correct skin and these can reach deeper levels on a freshly cleansed face. For an amazing natural anti-ageing treatment use our Performance Face Serum which smooths and repairs skin. Follow the serum with face oil which is more conditioning, calming and energising to skin. Always use a 100% natural product like our Revitalising Face Oil to nourish, calm and revive skin.
  • Step six is eye cream which goes better before applying moisturiser as it will be thinner and silkier than a face cream, to reflect the special needs of skin around eyes. Then when you apply your face cream in the next step you may find that the face cream overlaps the eye cream in areas such as the crows feet. This is fine and just means that the skin here will receive a double benefit of the eye cream actives and the moisture protection. Areas like crows feet are particularly troublesome, so this double benefit overlap of creams will be beneficial. Just make sure that the face cream does not go into the actual skin around the eyes, as face creams are too heavy for the delicate eye skin. Our Eye Cream Complex is kind and highly effective for puffing, bags, dark circles, lines and wrinkles.
  • Step seven is the time to use face moisturiser. Face cream emulsions still provide nutrients to the skin, but their main job is hydration and protection of the skin. They hydrate the skin and stop it drying, plus protect skin from the weather and pollution. It’s important to use a face cream moisturiser that suits your skin type as it can really make a difference to skin; oily and dry skin have different needs. If you have more dry, combination or normal skin then treat it to intense hydration and a beautiful long-lasting dewy glow with our Active Dew Face Cream. If your skin is oilier, combination or normal and you prefer a more matt look then moisturise skin with our Matt Formula Face Cream. The face cream moisturiser is the last cream in the order of skin care products.
  • Step eight is the last step and it just involves applying a 100% natural lip balm like Nakin’s to lips. There is no point having amazing skin when lips are dry and chapped. Nakin’s Lip Treatment Balm is full of luxurious plant butters and oils, for long lasting lip hydration and protection.

The above outline of the steps to follow when applying skin care products is a guide that we hope will be useful. It applies to both morning and evening and for the face and neck, although it can be varied to fit in with your preferences and lifestyle. The guide is based on a full skin care routine, but we recognise that lots of us do not use all of the products in a full skin routine. There are also additional products that we did not include as we do not feel they are essentials in a face routine, such as face masks and sheet masks. Face masks would be used after cleansing but before toning. For any additional skin care products that are not mentioned in the guide, we recommend reading the instructions and using them accordingly. There are so many different types of face care products available now, but at Nakin we believe in keeping it simple and only using essential face products. The face routine of cleansing, treating and moisturising skin is a classic routine that works to keep skin looking soft fresh and healthy.

To find out more about Nakin and our Anti-Ageing Skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Our full range of face products are natural, high performing, cruelty free and made in the UK. Nakin believe in the power of plants to beautify skin at every age.

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