The Best Vegan Eye Cream

The Best Vegan Eye Cream

If you love vegan beauty products and are looking for a high performing natural eye cream, then Nakin have a great one which is our Eye Cream Complex. We feel that it is the best vegan eye cream as it offers such a lot more than being animal friendly.

Being vegan is obviously important to many of our customers but the best eye creams also help to improve the skin around the eyes tremendously. In keeping with its vegan credentials, it is a natural anti-ageing eye cream as we believe that the two go hand in hand. It is also a vegan cruelty free eye cream and registered with the Leaping Bunny scheme. We know that this is hugely important to many of our vegan skincare customers as just because a product is vegan, it does not mean that it is also cruelty free. Vegan face products can still be tested on animals at any stage, from the ingredients within them to the actual product and during the supply chain. So, now that we have established that our eye cream has the right vegan properties let us move on to why it is so fantastic for the eye area.

Our vegan eye cream uses a whole host of plant ingredients to help keep the skin around the eyes fresh and energised. This includes a hibiscus peptide to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Argan and baobab oil then help to soothe and calm the skin, while green tea extract provides antioxidant protection. It also uses a blend of ingredients to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. The green tea works with the marine extracts and caffeine to wake up and brighten the under-eye area, plus reduce swelling. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to keep your skin hydrated.

This restorative eye cream is made for all skin types and also perfect for those with sensitive skin as it uses natural ingredients to soothe and repair the delicate under-eye area. As well as containing kind and calming ingredients it is also free of rich or drying ingredients that can be hard to tolerate for any skin type.

This is just one of our anti-wrinkle face products which are all formulated to make a difference to skin. As well as using a good eye cream we can assist our face by getting the right amount of sleep every night, staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet.

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post about the best vegan eye cream. There are a lot of reasons to switch to a vegan lifestyle, but you do not need to be vegan to enjoy vegan beauty products. The best skincare products can often be made to be vegan without compromising on the quality or effectiveness of the product. This is why most of Nakin’s range is vegan, apart from our Lip Treatment Balm that is vegetarian due to the protecting beeswax within it. All of our range is made to be as high performing as possible to help achieve healthy, youthful-looking skin.

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