The Best UK Lip Balm

The Best UK Lip Balm

Many of us feel that lip balms are an essential part of our beauty routine and something that we cannot be without. There is so much to choose from when it comes to lip products though, so it can be confusing on how to get the best one for you. Our lips are a delicate sensitive part of our anatomy and so need exceptional care to go alongside it. This is where a good lip balm comes in. At Nakin we have an everything Lip Treatment Balm which we believe is one of the best lip balms in the UK. There are so many special qualities about it as listed below.

  • In the UK we have a wide range of weather, and it takes a toll on our lips. Windy chilly days are a regular part of life during autumn, winter and spring, and from this our lips take a battering and need the best nourishment and protection from a lip balm. Our natural lip balm has this in abundance and offers lips long lasting nutrition and protection.
  • It is filled with 100% natural goodness and has a super soft balmy texture. This comes from a special formula blended with the best that nature has to offer lips. The balm includes castor oil, shea, olive, marigold, argan, baobab, mint, carnauba and beeswax. The impressive ingredients list works on lips to heal, hydrate and soften them, so they look their best.
  • The shea butter and waxes offer lips outstanding protection from cold dry conditions. They form a barrier to protect the lips but deliver goodness and nourishment at the same time.
  • The botanical oils soothe and calm dry, irritated and flaky lips with their natural antioxidant vitamin, mineral and omega composition.
  • Our lip balm has been developed to help to plump lips, which it achieves with the mint extract that naturally stimulates the lips to help fill them out.
  • This lip balm is 100% natural and is free from undesirable cosmetic ingredients such as parabens, mineral oils, artificial colour and fragrance.
  • It comes in an easy-to-use pot, perfect for keeping on the dressing table, bedside or carrying round in a handbag.
  • As with all Nakin products our anti-ageing lip balm is exceptional value at just £10 for a 15ml tub in the UK. This is a lot more affordable than other high-end lip balms, that often do not contain such a high amount of natural content.
  • Nakin are an ethical company, and this product is made in the UK, vegetarian and cruelty free.

We hope that you have found our feature useful and can see why this is the best lip balm in the UK. As well as lip balms Nakin also produce a full range of face care products that are also natural and anti-ageing. We use only the absolute best plant actives and extracts to offer the ultimate skincare experience for the face, eyes, lips and neck. Our award-winning five star rated range is loved by customers and you can find out more about our products in the links below.

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