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The Best Treatment for Maskne

The Best Treatment for Maskne

At the moment with us wearing face coverings more than ever, there has been a rise in skin conditions caused by face masks. It is no doubt that we are not wearing masks as often as we were, but lots of people are still wearing them due to their profession, or when they are ill. or vulnerable to catching a virus. This has been given the term maskne, although it should not be confused with acne or normal hormonal breakouts. Maskne is the term for skin conditions brought on by wearing face coverings, where skin can get breakouts or become irritated. It is caused by rubbing of the mask material and the warm contained area causing skin to sweat, and a build-up of bacteria. The good news is that there is lots that can be done to improve the condition, read on to find out more.

The first way to help beat maskne, is to find a mask that fits properly and has a soft and non-irritating material. This might not always be an option, as in medical settings a medical grade disposable face mask is required. However, if it is appropriate there are lots of other face mask options that are now available. One of the softest and most breathable materials is silk.

The second way to combat maskne related skin conditions is to look after your skin properly in the morning and evening, with a good skincare routine. This will involve using the best natural skincare products that are kind to skin, plus keep skin cleansed, nourished and healthy. Follow the skin regime below to treat and avoid maskne related skin issues.

  • Good cleansing is essential, but it needs to be with a product that also softens and comforts skin like our Natural Advanced Cleansing Milk. This gorgeous cleanser will not damage the skin barrier, so skin is left clean but without being weakened.
  • After the cleansing milk wipe our Natural Purifying Face Toner over skin to remove the last traces of cleanser, revive and detox. This powerful but gentle toner contains a whole host of cleansing and boosting ingredients.
  • Next use the Natural Performance Face Serum for all round skin boosting. It is great for dull and tired skin; plus hydrates, corrects and prevents skin issues with a potent active formula of stunning botanicals.
  • Red, sore and irritated skin needs extra care to bring it back to good health. Our Natural Revitalising Face Oil is perfect for this. It transforms even the most depleted skin to become radiant and glowing.
  • Although our eyes tend to still be on show and do not suffer the effects of maskne, most of us are tired and not feeling our best. So, revive even very tired eyes with the Natural Eye Cream Complex.  
  • Moisturising is essential to create a barrier for skin, that seals in the goodness of other products and protects skin all day and night. Our Natural Matt Formula Face Cream is lovely for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin. For drier skin types the Natural Active Dew Face Cream is amazing for dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin.
  • Our lips can also become irritated under masks, so use a good lip balm like our Natural Lip Treatment Balm which is 100% natural and packed full of the best plant butters and oils.

Good skincare plays a critical role in healing and preventing maskne, a condition resulting from prolonged mask-wearing. By maintaining a consistent skincare routine, incorporating gentle cleansing, and using non-comedogenic moisturisers, individuals can significantly reduce the occurrence of clogged pores and skin irritation. Additionally, applying products with natural oils can target skin issues and promote skin healing. Prioritising skincare not only alleviates maskne but also reinforces the skin's natural barrier, making it less susceptible to future breakouts and irritation.

We hope that you found this helpful. Just to mention that this feature is not intended to replace medical advice, and some skin conditions mat need a dermatologists help. This article is intended to help with mild maskne issues arising from occasional use of face coverings. This is where using a good face mask and the best skincare products will really help. Nakin’s products are all free from harsh ingredients like parabens, synthetic colour and fragrance, so they are kind to skin and the amazing plant actives help it to thrive. To find out more about the range visit us at www.nakinskincare.com

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