The Best SPF Free Moisturisers

The Best SPF Free Moisturisers

We know that some of us like to use a face cream that contains SPF, however, at Nakin we recommend using it as a separate product, and applying SPF after a face cream, but before exposing skin to the sun.

The reason for this is because we believe moisturisers work better without SPF, and once you add SPF to a face cream it changes the formula, and it also limits when you can use it. If you wear your face cream when not in the sun, or at night, then you are applying SPF unnecessarily to your skin. At Nakin we only recommend using SPF when actually going out in the sun, and this is for two reasons. Firstly, this gives your skin the most protection against the sun’s rays, which is really important as we know the sun can cause skin cancer, and it is also the main source of premature skin ageing. If say you apply your SPF as part of your face cream when you wake up, you might not actually go out into the sun for a while, and also might not be protected enough from the sun a few hours after application, as most sun creams needs to be consistently applied to be effective. The second reason not to use a face cream with SPF is that it is not good for skin as such, even the most natural ones are not going to boost your skin. So, applying it as part of a moisturiser when you are not actually exposed to the sun means that your skin is having to cope with SPF for no reason. SPF itself is not beneficial to skin, it only works to protect the skin by blocking the sun’s rays. A good moisturiser is though very beneficial to skin as it should contain lots of beautifying ingredients to intensely hydrate and nourish skin. So, adding SPF when it is not needed dilutes the goodness of the face cream and prevents it working as best possible.

At Nakin we have two amazing moisturisers that are free from SPF, but filled with skin loving goodness. They contain similar ingredients and the difference between the two is that one is for oilier skin types, and one is for drier skin types. Although they both work for normal, combination and sensitive skin. The Natural Matt Formula Natural Face Cream for oily, combination and sensitive skin is a special cream filled with gorgeous actives and oils that give skin lots of hydration, nourishment and protection. If your skin is drier then our Active Dew Face Cream is more hydrating. They both contain a whole host of skin improving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, pomegranate, baobab and argan. These and the other actives deliver a mixture of nourishment and hydration to skin, while protecting it from stressors such as pollution. Both of our moisturisers have won multiple awards from the Beauty Shortlist, which are some of the most credible skincare awards around.

SPF is hugely important for sun protection on skin and should be applied to skin thoroughly when it is exposed to the sun. Sunshine is also important for overall health as when our skin is exposed to it, it is able to synthesise vitamin D naturally. Therefore, we need to remember that if we do use sunscreen constantly when outside then we might need a vitamin D supplement. Harvard Health Publishing suggest consuming a vitamin D supplement, such as 800 IU of vitamin D3 daily.

We hope that you found our article helpful about the best SPF free moisturisers. At Nakin we believe that everyone can have gorgeous skin at every age, which is why we developed our natural anti-ageing skincare. Nakin have a full range of stunning face products and everything is made in the UK and cruelty free.

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